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Jason Shifferd

Senior Lecturer | College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
334-394-5670 [email protected] Liberal Arts, 216 English and Philosophy
Jason Shifferd is a lecturer for the Auburn University at Montgomery Department of English & Philosophy. He primarily teaches English Composition and helps in curriculum design for the English Composition Program, including the creation of several assignments in the AUM edition of Writer/Designer and the creation of multiple Composition II themes, such as Fake News and Conspiracy Theories. He has also taught English Literature and has previously served as a writing tutor for the AUM Learning Center. A two-time alumnus of AUM, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in English in 2009 and his Master of Liberal Arts in 2014. His master’s thesis, available online and in print at the AUM library, is entitled The Case for Humor in the Classroom: An Annotated Bibliography. He has also published essays of literary criticism for Critical Insights including “Humor in the Autobiographical Writings of Maya Angelou: Maya Meets Mr. Julian” (2016) and “Maxine Peake’s Female Hamlet: A Survey of Responses” (2019). As a graduate student in 2013, he worked as a research assistant for the Department of Sociology and helped to publish the article “Who Lives Where: A Comprehensive Population Taxonomy of Cities, Suburbs, Exurbs, and Rural Areas in the United States” (2016) for The Geographical Bulletin. In 2019, he co-led a presentation on the AUM English Composition Program’s Teaching-for-Transfer curriculum at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Pittsburgh. He is currently working on a creative writing side project and looking into options for pursuing a PhD.
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