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Brett Lehman

Associate Professor | College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
334-244-3912 [email protected] Liberal Arts, 327 Sociology, Anthropology, & Social Work
About Professor Lehman My research addresses difficult and persistent issues like bullying and aggression in schools as well as educational inequality. I encourage my students to take an active role in developing creative solutions to social problems through blending their academic studies with experiential learning. Some course projects have included volunteering, campus community engagement, and guided research.  I encourage AUM students to view any course as a valuable part of their education, skill development, and personal development. While other priorities may have been encouraged in the past, college does not need to be a time to reduce one’s efforts or identity down to a test score, grade, diploma, or job title. When learning, skill development, and personal development are prioritized, good grades, graduation, and career opportunities will come. And you will enjoy the experience." Brett Lehman Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences​​
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