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Sociology Minor

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Sociology Minor

Career advancement in an increasingly diverse global society requires the ability to work cooperatively and effectively with people from different cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, and social backgrounds. The field of sociology studies social life, social change, diverse communities and their interactions. It also values scientific methods to find empirical answers to complex social questions. Studying sociology can help foster your creativity, innovation, critical thinking, analytic problem solving, and communication skills.

A sociology minor serves as an excellent complement to your chosen major for a variety of diverse careers. As an AUM Sociology minor, you will examine such topics as the causes of social inequality, the social factors that influence human behavior and the diversity of cultural practices. The curriculum will encourage you to think critically and understand different points of view — all skills valued by today’s employers in a variety of fields.

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Sociology Minor

Program Overview

The course listings below are a representation of what this minor requires. Select elective courses may also be included. Students may have to take additional courses to fulfill the prerequisites of the required courses.

Course #Course NameCourse Description
SOCI 2010Social ProblemsStudies how social phenomena come to be treated as problems. Topics to be considered may include health care, sexual deviance, crime and juvenile delinquency, alcohol and drug abuse, aging, family organization, poverty and population
SOCI 3000Social Theory
SOCI 3150CriminologyExamines contemporary research findings and sociological theories on criminal behavior, societal reaction to crime, law enforcement, judicial processing, corrections, and crime reduction strategies.
SOCI 3200Social StratificationIntroduction to the development, stability, and changes of systems of social inequality, techniques for studying systems of social inequality and the characteristics and consequences of social class membership.
SOCI 3300Sociology of Death and DyingStudy of death and dying, including the varied conceptions of death, the dying process, dying as a sociocultural process and the death industry.
SOCI 4100Minority GroupsIntergroup relations in the United States with an emphasis on race in the processes of assimilation, amalgamation and pluralism. Problems related to prejudice, discrimination, social injustice, oppression, identity formation and prevailing power arrangements analyzed.
SOCI 4300Sociology of the FamilyAnalysis of family with emphasis on structural features, internal dynamics and current trends.
SOCI 4360Sociology of ReligionSociological perspective of religion, including the effect of religion on behavior and attitudes and the reciprocal relationship of religion with other societal institutions.
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