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Achieve Individual Success

What Career is Right for Me?

The AUM Career Development Center’s mission is to educate, empower, and create opportunities for AUM students and alumni to achieve individual professional success.

It all starts with a conversation with a Career Advisor. We’ll take you through our proven process to assess and explore your career options, and we can guide you toward internship and job shadowing experiences.

Helpful Tools

Programs and Services

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Check out the Handshake Resource tab for some helpful resume tips and examples!

Career Planning

Career Skyway

The Career Development Center is here to help make sure your transition from college to career is a breeze! Below you will find your personalized Career Skyway Checklist. This is not a scavenger hunt or something to be completed in one sitting. You will have the entire academic year to work through this checklist. At the end of the year all students who complete their Career Skyway Checklist will be invited to join us for a celebration mixer. We will come together to celebrate your accomplishments, and this will be a great time to share what you learned with your fellow Warhawks. We will even have some fun giveaways for those who share with us about their experiences! If you have any questions please reach out to Mabs Seay, Career Advisor, 334-244-3533 or email

Download your personalized Career Skyway Checklist by year:

If you are viewing this on a mobile device, you will have to save the PDF file to your local device before you can open it and interact with the checkboxes.

Career Discovery

Major and Career Exploration

If you haven’t figured that out yet, you’re not alone. That’s why we’re here. From the moment you step on AUM’s campus to graduation, The AUM Career Development Center is here to help you reflect upon your skills, interests, and values, create goals, organize your exploration, and create a strategic career action plan. Make a Career Advising appointment in Handshake and let’s get planning!

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Clubs & Organizations

Workshop Request

Are you an AUM Club or Org member who would like to incorporate career planning strategies with in your organization? The Career Development Center strives to engage with students throughout all areas of campus life. We would love the chance to partner with you!

Request a Presentation
Make an impactful first impression!

Resume & Cover Letter Review

Let the Career Development Center help you build a winning resume! Submit your documents to for review. Please allow 3-5 business days for review. Check out the Handshake Resource tab for some helpful resume tips and examples!

Handshake Resource Tab
Prepare for Interviews

Mock Interview Program

A Mock Interview offers you the opportunity to practice a real-life interview, while also getting feedback on where you shine and where you could do better.

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Get Connected

Career Fairs & Employer Engagement

The Career Development Center has many opportunities for AUM students to engage and build relationships with employers and organizations.

Register for a Career Fair

Additionally you can make an external job search assistance appointment to start engaging with employers.

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Our Process

Career Exploration and Planning


Are you an analytical problem-solver or are you a creative type? Are you a Type-A personality or an introvert? Your search for a fulfilling career begins with knowing yourself. Identify your interests, skills and values and start creating goals for your future. Use the FOCUS2 assessment to help!


What can you do with your major? We’ll help you research and select career options that align with your talents, interests and goals.  Check out ONET to help you begin your exploration!

Make an appointment with your Career Advisor today to examine your options.


Gain experience through Student Organizations Check out the EEEC for Undergraduate Research and Internship Opportunities. Build your portfolio and sharpen the skills that will give you the edge in competing for jobs after graduation. Begin adding experiences, coursework, and skills gained to your Handshake profile, and search for internships or Working Warhawk’s on-campus job opportunities.


Now, apply what you’ve learned and launch your job search strategy.  Refine your resume or CV and cover letter, complete your LinkedIn and Handshake profiles, expand your network, and participate in professionalism and interviewing workshops so you’ll be ready for the real thing. Make an External Job Search appointment with your Career Advisor today to examine your options.

Let us help!

Additional Resources and Information

The Career Development Center works in tandem with the Global Initiatives Office to make sure that all International students receive support they need as they navigate the US job market.

Check out the Handshake “Resources” tab to learn more!

As a Green Zone Certified office, The Career Development Center strives to serve all military affiliated students. We work closely with The Veteran and Military Resource Center to make sure we are giving support that is relevant and helpful.

Check out the Handshake “Resources” tab to learn more!

The Career Development Center collaborates regularly with The Center for Disability Services to make sure that all students with disabilities are aware of resources offered to help prepare them for the world of work.

Check out the Handshake “Resources” tab to learn more!

The Career Development Center strives to build relationships with our First Generation Program students, providing resources and support to all our First in Flight Warhawks!

Check out the Handshake “Resources” tab to learn more!

The Career Development Center is an ally of the LGBTQ+ community. As a Safe Zone certified office we strive to support all AUM students.

Check out the Handshake “Resources” tab to learn more!

Some Common Myths

What Career Myths are Holding You Back?

Start separating fact from fiction as it relates to your career. Here are several common career myths and our response to each.

No job in any career field is going to be a perfect match for your interests, skills, values, and priorities. The goal should be to find career satisfaction – feeling content in your daily work while also having the opportunity to pursue your main interests, engage in meaningful relationships, and contribute to your community. Keep an open mind. If you have two or three main interests, explore where they intersect and consider careers that combine them in interesting ways.

Some majors, such as nursing or accounting will lead to specific career choices within varying environments and industries. Other majors – such as sociology, English, psychology and others – prepare you for a variety of careers by helping you build transferable skills valued by many employers. Josh Sawyer (lead video game designer for Fallout and Pillars of Eternity game series), for instance, has a Bachelor of Arts in History. Choose a major by considering your interests, your desired career (and possible graduate school requirements), and what the major offers in terms of knowledge and skills.

Not necessarily. About a third of all college students change their major at least once in the first three years, and one out of ten change their major more than once. Other students may stay with their original major, but delay choosing a specific career until they are exposed to different subjects – such as a biology major who decides to become an epidemiologist after taking a microbiology class. The process of making an informed major or career decision requires careful consideration of all factors, and the flexibility to explore other options when those factors change.

It is perfectly normal to change careers; most people will follow at least two different career tracks in their lifetime. A person’s interests and priorities will change as they move through their career, as will the job market. Many occupations that exist now will be obsolete in the future, and others do not even exist yet! Career planning is a lifelong process, and with each career opportunity, a person should go through the process of self-assessment and exploration to make an informed decision.

Even graduates in high-demand career fields, such as computers, engineering or medicine are required to demonstrate their career readiness and value to the organization before gaining employment. Completing academic coursework is not enough – students must also engage in experiential learning opportunities such as internships, leadership programs, study abroad assignments, service learning, and research projects to gain accomplishments that demonstrate career readiness to employer organizations and graduate schools. Getting involved in campus organizations is also important; this is a great way to gain critical competencies needed for career success, such as communication, teamwork skills and problem solving.

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