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AUM professor explores world of fintech

Fintech, the use of technologies in financial services, is rapidly emerging as a popular issue in academic research and the business press.

Zack Jourdan, associate professor of information systems in AUM's College of Business
Zack Jourdan

AUM Associate Professor of Information Systems Zack Jourdan recently collaborated with faculty from Appalachian State University and Texas Tech University to evaluate 216 research articles on fintech published in top journals for finance and information systems.

Jourdan and his fellow researchers documented their findings in the paper “Fintech: A content analysis of the finance and information systems literature,” which has been published in the April online issue of Electronic Markets, a prestigious international, peer-reviewed journal.

For the team’s research project, Jourdan helped to collect, synthesize, and analyze both the research strategies and content of literature related to finance and information systems that was published in the last 20 years. The researchers also discussed the implications of the findings and proposed an agenda for future research efforts.

“The team found an increasing level of activity during the most recent six-year period and a biased distribution of fintech articles focused on exploratory methodologies,” Jourdan said. “We also discovered several research strategies that were either underrepresented or absent from the pool of fintech research and identified several subject areas that need further exploration. We created four fintech topic categories to organize and classify this diverse research stream.”

The team’s research paper also will be featured in the printed issue of Electronic Markets, which is scheduled to be published in December 2023.

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