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UNIV 1000, 1001, & 1007


We designed UNIV  as a commitment to AUM’s mission to exemplify excellence through education, as well as the institution’s emphasis on increasing retention, persistence, and graduation rates. Our goals and learning objectives for this course intentionally align course content with institutional objectives.

The UNIV Student Success Program seeks to foster a sense of belonging and connection to the AUM community for new students through impactful first-year seminars and mentoring opportunities that will support a successful transition to college and ultimately lead to graduation.

The course addresses the following components from AUM’s learning competencies:

  • Development of Society
  • Fosters Critical Thinking
  • Broadly Based Education
  • Research for Knowledge Advancement
  • Opportunity of Lifelong Learning
UNIV 1000

The Four Primary Learning Outcomes

  • We will engage in critical self-reflection, leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation of our identities, values, and beliefs, as well as an increased capacity for empathy and respect towards diverse perspectives.
  • We will actively engage with the local and university communities to demonstrate a deeper understanding of social issues, enhance empathy and cultural competence, and acquire the skills necessary for civic participation.
  • We will identify and apply strategies that support physical emotional, mental, and relational wellness, as well as growth mindset to initiate and sustain personal and academic success.
  • We identify, practice, and assess skills and strategies important to success in college and life, such as adaptability, resilience, time-management, effective learning, and collaboration.
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