UNIV Student Success Program

UNIV 1000, 1004, & 1007


We designed UNIV  as a commitment to AUM’s mission to exemplify excellence through education, as well as the institution’s emphasis on increasing retention, persistence, and graduation rates. Our goals and learning objectives for this course intentionally align course content with institutional objectives.

The course addresses the following components from AUM’s learning competencies:

  • Development of Society
  • Fosters Critical Thinking
  • Broadly Based Education
  • Research for Knowledge Advancement
  • Opportunity of Lifelong Learning

The four primary learning outcomes for UNIV 1000 are as follows:

Students will be able to

  • Demonstrate knowledge of, and the association between, available campus resources and academic success.
  • Acknowledge and report study skills associated with academic progress towards graduation.
  • Explore, practice, and demonstrate application of skills associated with academic success.
  • Exhibit behaviors related to “academic engagement” and its importance relative to their progress towards graduation.

Educational Planning and Success

We have structured the UNIV courses to provide you, as a new AUM student, with opportunities to successfully transition into college, both academically and personally. UNIV is designed to help you foster a connection of belonging at AUM, as well as provide the skills needed to engage with your classes in a way that promotes academic advancement and persistence through graduation. Specifically, the course will orient you to our academic expectations, introduce you to AUM services in place to support your academic success, guide you through professional, academic, and personal goal-setting processes, and provide you with a peer cohort with whom you experience your first year.


If you are entering AUM, you are expected to take UNIV unless you are:

  1. A transfer student classified as a sophomore and/or have taken an approved/transferable student success course at a previous institution with a grade of “D” or better, OR
  2. Entering AUM as Transient, 2nd Degree Seeking, Dual Enrollment, Unclassified or similar student type, while you retain the aforementioned student type.

UNIV is an AUM graduation requirement that we expect you to complete within the first academic year that you attend AUM.

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