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Public Safety

Medical Crisis

In case of medical emergency call Campus Police at (334) 244-3424 or 911 to request assistance.
  • Provide the following information:
    • Building name
    • Floor or room number
    • Nature of injury
    • Location of injured person
    • Age and sex of injured person(s)
    • Condition of injured person
    • Any known medical history
    • Your name and telephone number
  • Remain with the person with the medical emergency.
  • Do not move them unless they are in immediate danger of further injury.
Incident Response

Psychological Crisis

In the event of a psychological crisis (e.g., someone is considering suicide or is delusional) the following steps will be taken:

  1. The person who becomes aware of a psychological crisis is to immediately contact the AUM Police Department at (334) 244-3178 or 911.
  2. The AUM Police will dispatch patrol to the incident to provide initial care and contact the following people:
    • Director of Police Operations, AUM Police Department
    • Dean of Students
    • Contact the AUM Counseling Center and request support
  3. If the AUM Counseling Center cannot be contacted, contact one of the below listed agencies:
  4. Contact the appropriate personnel from the following list:
    • Director of Resident Life
    • Director of Human Resources
    • Director, Center of Disabilities
  5. Competent medical or professional authorities will be contacted.
  6. Until the arrival of professional assistance, the responding unit will take measures to ensure the safety and security of the distressed party and the campus community.
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