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Registrar’s Office

Withdrawal and Drop Policy

Students have many considerations and options when choosing to withdraw or drop a class. Dropping or withdrawing from courses can have serious financial and academic implications, possibly affecting billing, financial aid, VA benefits, housing on campus, eligibility to participate in athletic events and, for international students, immigration status. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their academic advisor and financial aid counselor before dropping or withdrawing from classes.

Registrar’s Office

Dropping Classes

Dropping a class prior to the last day for 100% refund according to the University’s Refund Policy and as noted on the Academic Calendar means the student no longer wishes to attend the class and wishes to receive a full refund. Dropped classes do not appear on the official university transcript, and no grade is issued for dropped courses.  Should a student wish to adjust their schedule prior to the start of the semester or during the published schedule adjustment period, students may drop from one to all of their classes for a full refund through their Webster account up until the Last Day for 100% Refund as noted on the Academic Calendar.

Withdrawing from Classes

Withdrawing from a class means the student no longer wishes to attend the class and will receive either a partial refund, or no refund, depending on the date of the withdrawal and according to the published University’s Refund Policy.  A student may officially withdraw from one to all of their classes in Webster after the refund adjustment period (that is, after the last date for 100% refund) up until the Last Day to Drop as noted on the Academic Calendar.

Withdrawing from a class will result in a “W” grade on the official university transcript.  A “W” grade is not considered when calculating the grade-point average, but may impact a student’s satisfactory academic progress as it relates to financial aid, therefore it is highly recommended students contact the Office of Financial Aid prior to withdrawing from classes.

Typically there are no exceptions to the refund adjustment or withdrawal deadlines. However, students can request exceptions due to extenuating circumstances such as military service or unforeseen serious illness with appropriate documentation as discussed later in this policy.

Please Be Aware

  • Financial Aid recipients who completely withdraw from all courses or cease to attend all courses prior to completing over 60% of the term, may be subject to repay a prorated amount of the federal financial aid received for the term. For information regarding the impact of withdrawing on Title IV, please see AUM’s policy regarding the Return to Title IV  Funds.
  • A course in which a grade of “F” has been or will be assigned due to violations of the Academic Honesty policy may not be withdrawn or dropped under any circumstance; such grades will remain as part of the official record.
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Types of Withdrawal

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