Refund Policy

Refunds of registration tuition and fees are based on the date you formally drop a course. You will be eligible for a full refund of all tuition and fees if you drop a course before the first day of class but only a partial refund if you drop after classes begin.

You must ensure you formally drop a course through Webster or the Office of the Registrar. If you drop through Webster, print a copy of the completed drop page for your records.

For specific dates on the last day you can drop a course to receive a full or partial refund, please view the academic calendar.

Refund Schedule

Full-Term Classes

Refund Amount Funds Time Student Drops or Resigns
100% Tuition and Fees Through the 5th class day of the term
50% Tuition and Tech Fees 6th through the 13th class day of the term

Half-Term Classes

Refund Amount Funds Time Student Drops or Resigns
100% Tuition and Fees First two class days of the term
50% Tuition and Tech Fees 3rd through 5th class days of the term

Policy Exception

The only exception to this policy occurs in the case of personal illness or call to active military duty. Supporting written documentation in both instances is required. Refunds for medical withdrawals/resignations may be granted if the effective date of withdrawal is prior to the last day to withdraw from the term and will be prorated based on the number of class days a student is registered.  A full waiver/refund of tuition may be granted if a student is called to active military duty.

Student Refunds Process

Student refunds (credit balance on student account) are issued through direct deposits to a student’s personal bank account. Students who are expecting a refund should enter the direct deposit information in Webster by logging into their MyAUM account.  

Here are step-by-step instructions on setting up direct deposit.

If no direct deposit information exists, a paper check will be issued and mailed to the student’s current mailing address as reflected in the student record.

Credit Card Overpayments

Credit balances on student accounts that are caused by an overpayment with a credit or debit card will be refunded back to the credit/debit card in the amount of the original credit/debit card payment. Remaining credit balances that exceed the original credit/debit card payment will be refunded to the student via direct deposit.

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