Peer Mentors

What is a peer mentor?

  • Peer mentors are part-time student workers that are paid 10/hr for supporting students and assisting their professors.
  • Mentors work in the classrooms of courses they have already successfully completed. Peer mentors have excelled in their courses and provide valuable insights to students currently taking the course.
  • Peer mentors support students by offering advice, holding office hours, and answering questions.
  • Peer mentors are similar to teaching assistants but do not grade assignments.

Peer Mentor Leadership Workshop

Our intern; Omari Burton, led a workshop for our peer mentors. His workshop highlighted the 16 personalities assessment and leadership skills. If you missed the training, take the assessment and watch the video below.

Become a Mentor Collective Mentor!

Mentor Collective is a fantastic way for students to get involved on campus and help other students. Students are paired with someone invested in their success-a person ready to listen, inspire, and help when needed. Mentors help students understand what to expect at AUM, how to face challenges, and where to find campus resources. Mentors will build their networks and develop skills that will help them for life after college.

Peer Mentor Resources

“Beyond being an excellent peer mentor, Grace is simply a good person. She is kind, funny, intelligent, respectful, hard-working, and infinitely humble. She is great at whatever she does, but you would never assume it by talking to her. Grace is not the type to toot her own horn, so it is our job to toot it for her.”

-Dr. Rolando Carol, Associate Professor of Psychology

EEEC Peer Mentor Highlight: Grace Keel

Several people nominated Grace Keel as the Peer Mentor to highlight in this issue. She has mentored in UNIV sections and in Psychology sections and left an AUMazing impression on faculty in both departments.

Grace’s journey as a peer mentor started because she was looking for ways to give back to campus. She felt that becoming a mentor was a way she could use her “mom” personality to be there to support her fellow students and help make their transition into college a little bit easier. “My favorite part of being a Peer Mentor has always been the ability to provide encouragement to students who are struggling,” Grace said. “It was so rewarding specifically in classes that I remembered struggling in. At some point, we’ve all felt lost in a classroom and didn’t know where to go, so being the resource students felt comfortable coming to was so powerful.”

For any students thinking about becoming a peer mentor, Grace’s advice is “to absolutely give it a try. I remember being nervous about what it would be like when I first applied. However, the experience has been invaluable. I was so lucky to not only get to peer mentor for some of my favorite professors, but I also gained mentors out of professors I didn’t initially know.”

The experience of being a peer mentor isn’t just for the benefit of the students being mentored, it is for the mentor too. To get the most from the experience of being a peer mentor, Grace strongly encourages mentors “make an effort to get to know the professor you are working under.” She continued about her own experience, “I would often stay after class if the professor had time to chat. Through doing that with multiple professors and over long semesters, I learned so much about different fields and career opportunities. Ultimately, those conversations have ended up being some of the most impactful.”

Like many of our mentors, Grace also hoped that becoming a mentor would further develop her leadership skills. “My leadership skills have greatly benefitted. Learning to adapt to has been so important.”  Having heard the comments of some of Grace’s Professors, we would say that Grace was already a strong leader before becoming a peer mentor. For someone who claims to be out of her comfort zone in a leadership position, she has done remarkably well at it. Just this past April, Grace was selected to be a Chancellor’s Scholar not just for her outstanding scholarly achievements, but for her excellence in leadership and service as well.

When she’s not busy excelling on campus or at work, Grace can be found whipping up something in the kitchen. She loves to cook and bake, especially, if it is for other people. To her, nothing beats seeing people enjoy the food that she prepares.

Well done, Grace and congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

“Grace Keel was an incredible peer mentor. She was professional yet relatable in all her communications and interactions with the students. She was great at conveying to students that she knew what it was like to struggle with the same concepts, topics, and assignments; she also excelled at helping them feel like they could overcome these struggles with focus and repetition. Grace made it clear that there was no shame in seeking help from a peer mentor—in fact, reaching out for help was the mature thing to do and the best way to ensure ultimate success. She was always punctual, available, and helpful. You really couldn’t ask for more of your peer mentor.”

-Heather Adams, UNIV Lecturer and Student Success Mentor

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