Housing & Residence Life FAQ

Housing & Residence Life FAQ

We want to make your experience in AUM housing a pleasurable one.  Whether you are just shopping around, ready to fill out an application, or are a current resident with questions, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  Below are a list of frequently asked questions and answers that may help you get started.

All utilities (gas, power, garbage and water), basic and expanded cable service, and unlimited laundry are included in the rent. There is a $20 fee for access to high quality internet services which will be added to your student account.

The Roost, located on the second floor of the Taylor Center, does offer a meal plan. Full-time freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are automatically charged a meal plan to their student account.

The plan is convenient and easy. You will be billed automatically for the plan – $600 per semester if you are living on campus and $100 per semester if you are living off campus. The money will be loaded onto your Warhawk Card (your student ID) and you can use the card like a debit card in The Roost and at The AUMazing Bean coffee shop located across from the Warhawk Shop Bookstore in Taylor Center.  Information about Warhawk Cards is available by contacting The Warhawk Shop Bookstore at 334-244-3578.

The Roost also accepts cash, Master Card, Visa, and the Warhawk Card as payment for meals. Information regarding Warhawk Cards is available by contacting the Warhawk Shop Bookstore at 334-244-3578.

We will consider a specific roommate request as well as other information contained in the application for housing when making room assignments; however, no guarantee of a particular assignment is implied. The Office of Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to reassign residents in order to consolidate vacancies.

While we take special care to select compatible roommates, sometimes our selections (and sometimes the resident’s selections) don’t seem to work. First and foremost, we recommend that the roommates attempt to work out their differences. Each resident is encouraged to develop a relationship based on respect for each other’s personal life, appreciation for human diversity and cultural differences, and a commitment to have an open discussion and resolution of problems which arise while they are living together. Resident Assistants in each building are trained to offer additional guidance in this, so each roommate should feel free to contact the Resident Assistant for help.

If either roommate still feels uncomfortable, he/she can request a room assignment change simply by coming to the Housing and Residence Life Office (The Nest 1H35) and completing a room change request form. All room change requests must be approved by the Residence Life Program Manager and require payment of a $50 room change fee. When approved, the resident(s) will then be contacted by the Residence Life Office to arrange the details of the proposed move. Requests for room changes will be accepted following the first week of classes until the cancellation date each term.

Security for the housing areas is provided by the AUM Campus Police. Patrols are maintained by officers and they will be glad to provide assistance to residents and stranded motorists. AUM police officers will provide escort service to or from cars or classes at unusual times or under unusual circumstances. Residents should report any concerns and/or incidents regarding safety and security to the housing staff and Campus Police as soon as possible. Campus Police can be reached at 334-244-3424 or 271-2400.

Local, state, and federal laws pertaining to the possession and use of alcoholic beverages are in force on the university campus and in student housing. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted outside of the individual rooms in the housing area.

Guests of AUM residents are expected to abide by all university and housing policies. Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests while on campus. Guests are able to visit during the weekdays (Sunday – Thursday) from 8:00 am -12:00 pm and open visitation is permitted on weekends (Friday and Saturday) until 4:00 am each day.

No, there are no curfews. However, quiet hours are from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m., Sunday through Thursday. Reasonable quiet and consideration is expected at all times. Residents are encouraged to make the initial effort in controlling noise. Usually a simple request to the persons responsible for loud and disturbing noises will suffice. If such a request does not get results, residents should contact the Resident Assistant on duty or Campus Police 334-244-3423.

You’ll receive a housing packet. A complete list of what to bring and what not to bring will be included in this packet. You’ll want to bring things that make your comfortable in your new home. Bedding, decorations such as posters and pictures, and finishing touches to make you feel at home. Rooms are furnished with beds, including mattresses, desks and living room furniture.

When moving out of student housing, residents must properly check out at the Residence Life Office, 1H35 The Nest, in person. Written instructions regarding move-out procedures are available in the Housing and Residence Life Office, or online. To check out, the room must be vacated according to these instructions, all personal property removed, all access cards/keys and parking decal returned, and a completed vacating notice form placed on file in the Housing Office.

The move-out deadline for students not returning to housing is usually the day following the last day of final exams of each term. Failure to check out properly or on time may result in charges of $100 per day past the published move-out deadline as well as additional charges being filed against the resident’s student account.

To check out, the room must be vacated according to these instructions:

Personal property removed
Access cards/keys and parking decal returned
​Completed vacating notice form

The applications for housing are for the current academic year. This means you will need to reapply again for each new fall semester. Normally, notices are given beginning in January prior to each fall semester that it is time to re-apply.

Rent for a term covers residence from the first day of scheduled move-in until 12 hours after the last examination for the term. Residents may remain in their apartments during scheduled vacations and during periods between terms, provided the rent for the upcoming term has been paid by the published rent due date and the campus remains open during scheduled vacations and breaks.

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