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Agnitra Roy Choudhury

Assistant Professor | College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
334-244-3505 [email protected] Clement Hall, 319E Economics

Dr. Agnitra Roy Choudhury is an Assistant Professor in the Economics department. Dr. Roy Choudhury received his PhD and MA from Binghamton University. His training is in applied microeconomics and applied econometrics. His research interests include studying the impact of regulations on health care and labor markets. Currently Dr. Roy Choudhury’s research includes analyzing Scope of Practice regulations and Certificate of Need laws. In addition to studying health care and labor market regulations, Dr. Roy Choudhury has projects ranging from entrepreneurship to the impact of legalizing of cannabis on public health. His research papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals like Vaccine, Empirical Economic Letters, Applied Economics Letters, and Journal of Risk & Financial Management. In his free time, he enjoys exercising, cooking, and spending time with his friends.

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