Curtiss Course Critiques

Curtiss Course Critiques

Fall 2021: Online course evaluations

No more paper! AUM’s new online course evaluation system, Curtiss Course Critiques, will help you…

  • Improve your learning experience by giving feedback to instructors in your major
  • Complete evaluations quickly and easily on any mobile device
  • Ensure responses will remain confidential and evaluation results will not be available to instructors until after they’ve submitted final grades

**Watch this page for updates about Curtiss Course Critiques.**​​

Keep an eye out for an email from the Office of the Provost with information about how to access Curtiss Course Critiques and complete your evaluations.

Curtiss Course Critiques Schedule for Spring and Summer 2022: “Important Dates”

Spring 2022
Evaluation Period
Open DateClose Date
1st Half Term02/14/202202/27/2022
2nd Half Term04/11/202204/24/2022
Full Term04/13/202204/27/2022
Summer 2022
Evaluation Period
Open DateClose Date
1st Half Term06/13/202206/26/2022
2nd Half Term07/12/202207/26/2022
Full Term07/12/202207/26/2022
Evaluation Period
Open DateClose Date

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