What to Bring

  • Money (cash and credit cards)
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Photos of your family and friends
  • Authentic articles and traditional clothing from your country
  • Clothes that will suit the Montgomery climate
  • At least one pair of good walking shoes
  • List of emergency phone numbers for both home and AUM
  • Electric plug adapter (see photo on the right)

What You Need in the Dormitory:

You can bring the items below from your home or buy them in Montgomery.

  • Vacuum for The Commons and Warhawk Hall apartments
  • Broom and/or dust mop
  • Small ironing board and iron
  • Bedspread, blanket, sheets, pillow slips, pillow, mattress pad (NOTE: all mattresses are extra-long measuring 36″ by 80″)
  • Wastepaper baskets
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Clothes hangers
  • Laundry bags, detergent, fabric softener sheets
  • Small cooking pans (for apartments with stoves) or microwave dishes (for apartments with microwaves), ice trays and eating utensils
  • Shower curtain, bath mat
  • Study lamp, table lamp, and/or floor lamp (halogen lamps are prohibited)
  • Shelves, area rugs, and/or small rugs
  • Toilet articles, including soap, toilet paper, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies

What Not to Bring:

The following articles are not appropriate in the resident’s apartment. Please do not bring these articles.

  • Pets (small fish are acceptable)
  • Barbells
  • Percussion instruments – drums, cymbals, etc.
  • Firearms, fireworks, and explosive chemicals
  • Fry Daddy, Fry Baby, electric skillet, electric heater (current fire safety codes prohibit the use of these in our facilities)
  • Candles, oil-burning lamps, halogen lamps, and incense are prohibited under the current fire safety codes (REMINDER: All apartments are smoke-free and tobacco-free.)

Room Cleaning

You are expected to maintain your own room/apartment if you choose to live on campus. Regular health and safety inspections are routinely conducted by AUM’s Housing staff if you live in one of AUM’s Residential Halls. The University does provide a general maintenance and cleaning staff, but this is only for public areas within each building.

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