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Shady Street Project

The Shady Street Trailhead Park is a project funded by the City of Montgomery that aims to revitalize an old community swept away by the addition of the interstate. The City of Montgomery and the Experiential Education and Engagement Center are partnering to revitalize the area with the Shady Street Trailhead Park. The Shady Street park sits where many of the old lots were. Many of those lots will become part of a new park, which is part of a larger plan to expand downtown riverfront activities and connect them to neglected areas of north Montgomery through trails and gardens. Shady Street is an outdoor area that will allow visitors to exercise, learn about local ecology, relax, and learn about Shady Street’s history.

The Experiential Education and Engagement Center is working with departments on campus to recruit faculty, staff, and students to work on duties related to the completion of the park. So far, students have worked on removing weeds and other vegetation, designing the official Shady Street logo, and providing some oral history of the area.

AUM Students Volunteering at

Shady Street Park & Trail!


Community Engagement Work Days

Please join the Experiential Education and Engagement Center for our Community Engagement Work Days! These work days allow students to participate in the City of Montgomery’s Shady Street Project.

  • Site clean-up (weeds and other vegetation.)
  • Berm, planting, and ecological restoration.
  • Audubon Society – Regular observation of Osprey around Shady Street.
  • Butterfly habitat care and maintenance.
  • Oral history project (community members, historic African American church, and more.)
  • Neighborhood history research.
  • Ecological writing for interpretive signage regarding local ecology, native species, and pollinators.
  • Graphic design (t-shirts and hats.)
  • Writer – newsletter, social media posts, blogs, and other related signage.
  • Event planning.
  • Build/promote Friends of Shady Street Project.
  • Assess progress against baseline data sets.
  • Social work – creating programs for different demographics and cohorts.
  • Outdoor classroom education
Shady Street Project

Contact Information

Amy Ingram
EEEC Director
Lois Cortell
Senior Development Manager
Jocelyn Zanzot
Urban Design Planner
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