Academic Honesty Code

Academic Honesty Code

The Student Academic Honesty Code applies to all students taking classes at Auburn University at Montgomery. It is designed to support the interests of the students and faculty, in maintaining honesty and integrity essential to an academic institution.  Actions that violate this code include, but are not limited to, plagiarism and receiving or supplying unauthorized assistance on a class exam or assignment. A charge of violation of the academic honesty code can be made by any member of the university community. Sanctions can range from a zero on the assignment up to and including expulsion from the University. Specific details can be found in the AUM Student Handbook in the section “Guide for Faculty Members to Report Cases of Student Academic Dishonesty.”

How to Report Academic Dishonesty

If an instructor determines that a violation of the Academic Honesty Code has occurred, he or she should provide written notification to the student outlining the violation that has occurred and the specific penalty imposed. The notification should include a statement indicating that the student can appeal the charge. A copy of this letter should be provided to the department head, the dean of the College, and the appropriate Associate Provost (undergraduate or graduate). If the penalty being assigned is an “F” for plagiarism in the course, the instructor should also provide a copy to the Registrar.

Email the Associate Provost of Undergraduate Studies about Academic Dishonesty

Email the Associate Provost Graduate Studies about Academic Dishonesty

The AUM Student Handbook provides full instruction and considerations for faculty/staff reporting Academic Dishonesty in the section “Guide for Faculty Members to Report Cases of Student Academic Dishonesty.”

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