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Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Lost & Found

AUM Police Department maintains the official Lost and Found for AUM. We make every effort to identify the owner of the property and see that it makes it back to them. You may inquire in person 24 hours a day, or by telephone at (334) 244-3424. Anyone claiming property must show student ID, driver’s license or passport. Please turn in lost or found property to the AUM Police Department at any time. The retention period and manner of disposal depends on the item.

Retention Period

  • Bicycles, book bags, backpacks, books, calculators, cameras, portable music players, electronics, jewelry, umbrellas, watches – held for three months, then donated to charity.
  • Check books, payroll checks, charge cards, operator’s licenses, ID cards, license plates, bank cards, etc. – held up to 30 days, then returned to the issuing agency or destroyed.
  • Clothing and eyeglasses – held up to 10 days, then donated to charity.
  • Keys and medications – held up to 3 months, then destroyed.
  • All unclaimed money goes into the AUM Police Department’s General Fund.
Public Safety

Automobile Assistance

If you have a flat tire or your vehicle battery has died, call the AUM Police Department at (334) 244-3424 for assistance. Be prepared to answer a few questions such as, where you are calling from, what type of vehicle do you have, and where you would like the officer to meet you to assist you.

The AUMPD provides limited vehicle assistance as a courtesy service to the campus community based on the terms and conditions listed below for the services listed:

  • Jumpstarts and accessing will only be done on AUM grounds.
  • Only the registered owner of a vehicle may request a jumpstart. If the person driving the vehicle is not the owner, it is the driver’s responsibility to make contact for verification purposes. Identification is required.
  • If our office does not have the personnel available due to emergencies or other responsibilities, we may offer to call a mobile alternative service for you.
  • AUM Police Department reserves the right to decline vehicle assistance for any reason.
  • Before services are performed, the registered owner or his/her designee will be required to sign a release of liability waiver.

The AUM Police Department does not provide assistance for unlocking vehicles, but we can contact a locksmith service for you.

On-Campus Event Security

Many events, both large and small, occur on the AUM campus. Departments on campus coordinate with the AUM Police Department for safety and traffic control during events. Scheduling event security will in no way guarantee space availability or represents approval for the event. All inquiries into space and event approval should be made with the Conference and Campus Services Department.

The following guidelines are offered when scheduling the AUMPD’s presence at and event:

  • Submit requests for service no less than two weeks prior to your event date to allow for sufficient planning. If your request is made with less than two weeks notice, there will be no guarantee that an officer(s) will be available for your event. The request form can be picked up from the AUM Police Department service desk.
  • A minimum charge of four hours per requested officer(s) will be assessed for each event. All events lasting over three hours will be billed for the actual hours worked by the officer(s).
  • A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of the request for police services. If you do not cancel within 24 hours before the scheduled time of the event, then your department or group may be billed for a minimum charge of $25.
  • You may request a specific number of officers needed for your event, but the AUM Police Department will be responsible for assessing the proper number of officers needed based on factors such as crowd size, type of event, location, etc.
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