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Fitness and Wellness

It is the purpose of the Group Fitness program at AUM to provide the opportunity to participate in wellness activities regardless of ability. The program is designed to serve the entire AUM family. This includes students, faculty, staff and alumni. Through involvement in the program, participants have the opportunity to grow and develop physically and socially.

Join Group Fitness classes as often as you want and encourage a friend to try new ones with you. Class Descriptions will guide you to the class that is right for you!

Personal Trainer Request
Wellness Miles

What constitutes Wellness Miles:

  • Any continuous activity at least 15 minutes inside: 1 Mile
  • 45 minute Aerobic Class: 3 miles
  • 60 minute class: 4 miles
  • Indoor Track 30 minutes: 2 miles (10 laps/1mile)
  • Ellipticals/Treadmills/Bikes: actual miles
  • Lap Swimming 1760 yards: 1 mile
  • 5k/10k/half marathon/marathon: actual distance

Based on honor system!

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