AUM Governance System

Auburn University at Montgomery has several governing bodies and policies that help make decisions and guide the university in strategy, planning, and daily functions.

Administration – The university is under the governing body of Auburn University’s Board of Trustees and the main divisions that make up the administration organization of the university.

Chancellor’s Cabinet The Chancellor’s Cabinet is made up of the senior staff and special assistants to the Chancellor and the directors, or senior directors of main divisions or departments of the university.

Faculty SenateFaculty Senate is the executive body of the Faculty Council and is responsible for interpreting the Faculty Council constitution, establishing and abolishing committees, and several other duties that deal with managing the Faculty Council.

Staff Council The Staff Council represents all employees at Auburn University at Montgomery below the rank of Vice Chancellor who do not hold an academic appointment. The Staff Council serves in a positive and constructive way to effect beneficial changes by serving in an advisory capacity to the administration.

Student Government AssociationThe SGA serves as the liaison between students and administration, and enhances student life both academically and socially by being the voice of the students, through activities and programs led by students for the students.

University Policies Auburn University at Montgomery operates under policies passed by the Auburn University Board of Trustees, university-wide policies and procedures established by Auburn University, and Auburn University at Montgomery policies and procedures established through process by the Chancellor.

What We Believe – The Auburn University at Montgomery Strategic Plan lays out the identity, mission, vision and core values of the university.

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