Career Options and Recent Alumni

Computer Science Career Options

B.S. in Computer Science

AUM’s Computer Science Program, with curriculum based on the latest ACM/IEEE recommendations and an emphasis on high-performance computing, will prepare you for a career in computer programming, networking, database management, multimedia design or technology architecture.

M.S. in Computer Science 

The M.S. program in computer science will give students specialized preparation in the broad area of Computer Science. After graduation students can advance their careers as computer professionals by taking various job positions in the computing industry, research centers, government and academia. Also, students will have the theoretical and practical preparation for continuing their education towards the Ph.D doctoral studies in areas of Computer Science.

M.S. in Computer Information Systems and Cyber Security

The Master of Science degree program in Cybersystems and Information Security (CSIS) prepares students to become leaders in the field of information and network security, offering instruction and research opportunities that provide graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively assess, develop, and manage secure information networks and to respond to newly developed threats.


Recent Alumni

Alex Maynard

Alex graduated from AUM in December 2020 with a Bachelor in Computer Science. He now works for the Department of Youth Services as a Programmer Analyst. 

Alex says AUM taught him three valuable lessons; the joys of discovering new things, the importance of punctuality and the value of persistence. He writes, “when I took my first programming class, I was astonished by how much I could do with programming. Before then, I didn’t fully understand what kind of effort went into writing software. As I progressed into more advanced classes over the years, I continued to discover more languages and more ways of writing applications. By the time I graduated, I had learned at least ten languages. Of course, learning these languages meant practicing via assignments, and assignments meant deadlines. 

Even when things would not go exactly as I planned, I could not allow myself to give up. I had to push through and find any resources I could to aid me with my academic career, whether it be tutors, professors, or tutorials on the internet. Had I given up on my degree, I most likely would not have found myself working as a programmer. I would not been as successful without the support of AUM and the Computer Science Department.”

Prasanna Sai Kapa

Prasanna Sai graduated with a Master of Cyber Security in the summer of 2021. He recalls how proud he is to be a graduate of AUM and let us know he now works for Honeywell International Inc. as an Advanced Cyber Security Engineer. Prasanna Sai remembers his time at AUM fondly and writes “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous, academic support toward my education. I am very grateful for your help.”

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