AUM Laptop Loaner Program


AUM Laptop Loaner Program

The Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) Laptop Loaner Program is in place to assist students experiencing difficulties completing their coursework due to the inability to access a computer outside of the campus environment. If you are in need of a loaner laptop, please visit the Student Resource Center on the Second Floor of the Taylor Center next to the Book Store.

Devices will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.


  1. Your device should have a password to protect anyone from accessing the contents of the device.
  2. Your device should be kept up to date with the latest software at all times.
  3. Do not leave your device unattended. Never leave it where it is visible in a parked car. Do not walk away from it in a public place, even if it is just for a moment. Do not leave it in your car of residence if it is unlocked.
  4. Do not allow others to use your device or to access any information in connection to your device.
  5. Avoid saving files on the loaner device. Do not store confidential or sensitive information locally on the laptop. AUM is not responsible for data files saved on the computer. Laptops will be wiped upon their return.
  6. Borrowers will have limited administrative rights on the loaner laptop. Borrowers must not use licensed software in a manner inconsistent with the licensing agreement.
  7. Do not disable or uninstall any preconfigured security software such as antivirus.
  8. Adhere to any AUM Technology policies including but not limited to the IT Appropriate Use Policy.
  9. Do not use the loaner laptop for inappropriate purposes, including, but not limited to, sending offensive messages, setting up an “ad hoc” wireless network anywhere on campus, using peer-to-peer file sharing or engaging in commercial activities of any kind.
  10. Do not create, disseminate, or run a self-replicating program (“virus”), whether destructive in nature or not OR utilize other software to penetrate/hack/attack the AUM network/computer or any other organizations.
  11. Do not use the laptop computer for non-university work, such as for private business, or club/organizations not sanctioned by AUM.
  12. Do not otherwise alter the device’s hardware or remove any components from the loaner laptop.
  13. Do not leave your device in a hot location, i.e. a hot car, for an extended period of time.
  14. You may not personalize the device unit in any way. (i.e. drawings, stickers, labels, paint, etc.)
  15. Students are strongly advised to separately back-up all desired files, so that those files are not stored solely on the loaned device.
  16. Loaned laptops are available only to currently enrolled AUM students. Such device(s) must be returned prior to the student entering non-enrolled status (e.g., prior to the end of spring semester, if the student is not enrolled during the summer, upon graduation or withdrawal, etc.).
  17. Students who previously have lost or damaged an AUM loaner laptop, or otherwise violated this policy and contract or any other applicable AUM policy, may not be eligible to receive such device(s) in the future. Students who violate this policy and contract may be required to immediately return the device(s) to AUM.
  1. When a device is lost or stolen on campus, immediately call the AUM Police Department at (334) 244-3424.
  2. In all situations regarding loss or theft notify the IT department immediately upon discovery that the device has been lost or stolen at [email protected].

By signing this Device Loan Policy and Contract, borrowers agree that they will follow the above precautions at all times with the loaned device. Borrowers agree that they are responsible for the care and safety of the loaned device for the full length of time that it is within their possession. Borrowers will reimburse AUM for the cost of repairing or replacing the laptop, and/or accessories if they are damaged, lost, stolen, or not returned while checked out in their name.  Borrowers also understand that the replacement cost for the loan laptop computer will be no less than $625.00. Borrowers understand that refusing to pay the cost of the device not returned can affect their ability to graduate from AUM.

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