Sculpture Minor

Program Description

A broad minor focusing on three-dimensional sculptural design practices and materials. Students will use a variety of materials including clay, wood, metal, fiber, and other materials to complete sculptural problems and designs. Fine Arts offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a Sculpture concentration. This program is geared towards individuals interested in pursuing a career as an artist or to prepare for a fine arts graduate studies program. In professional practice, sculptors are intuitive and creative visual artists who work with a variety of materials that they carve, build, and cast to make a finished piece of art. Their sculptures can then be exhibited in museums, galleries, or even become public installations.

In this program, students spend most of their time getting practical, hands-on experience, guided by experienced faculty. Class sizes tend to be small, which promotes student and faculty interaction. Traditional methods of construction are taught through working with wood, metal, and casting. Students will also expand on their ability to create with new technology, such as 3D modeling, 3D printing, and other new forms of media. Faculty provide constructive feedback and encourage students to work interdisciplinary as they build upon their portfolio.

In this AUM program, you can develop your own artistic voice as you develop into a visual artist. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Build a professional portfolio
  • Learn from professors who are successful practitioners in their field
  • Express yourself creatively within a supportive and collaborative environment
  • Learn how to work interdisciplinary with materials and methods within sculpture
  • Conceptually build upon your understanding of art through creating a body of work
  • Get hands on experience working with a variety of tools and studio spaces

Points of Pride

  • AUM has expanded its sculpture program to include 2040 Turbo Delta Wasp 3D printers
  • Students have access to high quality labs where they can learn about 3D modeling and Adobe Creative Cloud programs
  • Students have access to a Sculpture Facility where students can work and are encouraged to create using interdisciplinary methods and materials

Put Your Degree to Work

Note: While salaries vary depending on several factors including your level of experience, education and training, and geography and industry, here is a sampling of the future job growth and salaries in this area.

With a fine arts education with a concentration in sculpture, some artists work in the exhibit design or museum profession. Others develop a sculpting practice taking commissions from private and public entities. Some have careers as a multimedia artist or create their own business as a Fine Artist.

U.S Bureau of Labor statistic sample
JobsMedian PayJob Growth through 2028
Multimedia artist/animator$72,520 per year4%
Fine Artist$48,660 per year1%

For More Information

Fine Arts Department
Auburn University at Montgomery
Goodwyn Hall 104
[email protected]

Program Overview

The course listings below are a representation of what this academic program requires. For a full review of this program in detail, please see our official online catalog AND consult with an academic advisor. This listing does not include the core curriculum courses required for all majors and may not include some program-specific information, such as admissions, retention and termination standards.

Course sampling specific to the Sculpture concentration includes:

Course #Course Name
VISU 2312Sculpture I
VISU 3322Sculpture II
VISU 4332Sculpture III
VISU 4342Sculpture IV
VISU 3122Advanced Drawing

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