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Office of the Provost Scholarship Opportunities

Total Amount: Varies

About the Scholarship

Important Information

  • The Office of Provost is sponsoring a (1) credit hour tuition scholarship!
  • To be eligible for this scholarship you must be registered for an approved Internship or Directed Undergraduate Research opportunity and must only apply once in the same semester.
  • Spring 2023 Opens December 1st | Closes January 24th
  • Summer 2023 Opens May 18th | Closes June 15th.

Note: This scholarship does not apply to courses that are required as part of the student’s major program. It is intended to incentivize internships and undergraduate research beyond program requirements. Internships and clinicals that are part of the College of Education and Nursing and Health Sciences do not qualify for this scholarship. If you have any questions about scholarship eligibility, please contact the Experiential Education and Engagement Center at [email protected]


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