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Historic Account Deactivation FAQ's

What is this?

AUM account holder email will be deactivated after three terms of not being enrolled into AUM Classes.

Account deactivation will also include non-Alumni members and those not admitted for future terms.

The following account holders are exempt from account deactivation: current AUM students, AUM Alumni members, AUM Employees, and retirees.

This change is needed to enhance AUM network security and maintain compliance with federal regulations.

Deactivation of email accounts means all students after three terms of non-enrollment will lose access to everything that lives under their account including email, Office 365 apps (Word, Excel…), One Drive documents, and calendars.

Below are some steps you can take if you elect not apply for AUM classes or decide not to become an alumni member.

How To Prepare for Deactivation

Change your AUM email account to which services are linked.

Change your AUM email associated with any subscription services, logins, account recovery, or two factor authentication. Do this for any services or websites for which password retrieval or billing is linked to your AUM email account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Historic Accounts

  • Any account holder that has not enrolled in AUM classes after three terms.

Register or enroll in AUM classes or join our Alumni Association

  • Your email accounts will be deactivated in 30 days.
  • Applying for AUM classes or enrolling in AUM Alumni will prevent account deactivation.
  • You have 30 days to prevent account deletion.
  • Applying for AUM classes or joining our AUM Alumni will prevent account deactivation and deletion.
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