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Duo 2-Factor Authentication

What is this?

2-factor authentication is the process of requiring an individual to provide their login credentials AND proof of identity via a secondary device, such as a smartphone, before granting access to an online resource.

Duo Push
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Easy enough, how do I sign up?

ITS will share an invitation link with you with a personalized link as well as detailed instructions for the signup process.

Frequently Asked Questions

2fa FAQs

You have three options

  • DUO PUSH (preferred) – If you have the DUO Mobile App installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can receive a push notification. From the app, you can approve or deny the login attempt.
  • Phone call – you can receive a phone call on your mobile phone or landline phone. The call will give instructions on approving or denying the login attempt.
  • Passcodes – you can generate temporary passcodes.

You have two other options:

  • Add your cellphone as a Phone and then choose “Landline” within the DUO setup. This will allow you to receive phone call or passcodes via text message verifications.
  • Add your office line.

You have two choices when traveling abroad. Test them prior to traveling so you can verify which solution is best for you.

  • If you have network connectivity you can use the DUO normal as you would on campus.
  • If you do have a smartphone/tablet, the DUO Mobile App can generate a six-digit passcode even if your phone or tablet doesn’t have cellular, network or wifi service.
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