Even if you do not fully meet all the requirements for admission to Auburn Montgomery, you still may find a home here through the Bridge Program. This program is designed for students who meet specific academic criteria in order to enroll in courses designed to prepare you for full admission. For specific questions regarding the Bridge program, please contact Sissy Speirs at (334) 244-3473 or via email at

What is the AUM Bridge Program?

Our Bridge program provides qualified students with extra academic support for one semester prior to gaining full admission to AUM. During the Bridge semester, students will be enrolled in courses designed specifically for "bridging the gap" to a continued and successful college career.  Bridge courses consist of a University Success course, as well as a Math and/or English course.  Throughout the semester, faculty and staff on our Bridge team will assist students by implementing skill-building exercises for success in college.  The Bridge program is designed to help familiarize students with our campus resources, while showing students how to thrive at AUM.


Out of high school less than three years:

  • 17 ACT/820-859 SAT and 2.3+ high school GPA  or
  • 18 ACT/860 SAT and 2.0-2.29 high school GPA (500 GED or higher)

Out of high school more than three years (ACT/SAT not required)

  • 2.0-2.29 high school GPA (500 GED or higher)   

Important Information You Should Know

  • The Bridge program is one semester only, and can begin Fall, Spring or Summer semester.
  • Students who are successful in all of their courses, earning a "C" or higher in each course, will be moved to full admissions status the following semester.
  • If a student does not earn a "C" in each course during Bridge, they must enroll elsewhere and earn 24 credit hours from an accredited institution to re-apply to AUM.  The courses completed elsewhere must include one college level English course, and one college level math course. 
  • Bridge students can take College Success, Math, English and/or Wellness courses.

Full-Time or Part-Time?

  • All students who are eligible for the Summer Bridge Program are allowed to take two courses to include UNIV 1004, Math or English
  • Students who are eligible for the Fall or Spring Bridge Program have the option of being a Full-Time Student: UNIV 1004, English and Math or a Part-Time Student: UNIV 1004, English or Math.

How do I Apply?

  • Apply for Admission - all students who apply for regular admission are considered for our Bridge Program. (No separate application is required).
  • Once you've been accepted into the Bridge Program, you will receive a Bridge Contract with your acceptance letter.  Please return a signed copy of your contract to Sissy Speirs to secure your place in the program.
  • Complete Math and/or English Placement testing.
  • Create your AUM email account.
  • Sign up for your new student orientation online at
  • Attend your new student orientation to get registered for your Bridge courses.
  • Preview our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Bridge Program.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Bridge Program, please do not hesitate to call our Bridge Program Coordinator, Sissy Speirs, at 244-3473.