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Registrar’s Office

Audit Students

You may audit a lecture course or the lecture portion of a combined lecture/laboratory course with the approval of the instructor, department head, and dean of the school in which the course is offered and when available faculty and facilities permit.



AUM restricts the privilege of auditing courses. We rarely permit the auditing privilege in laboratory or combined lecture and laboratory courses. We do not permit it in studio courses in the Department of Fine Arts. You must complete the regular admission and registration process and are listed on class rolls, but you do not have to participate in classroom discussions, take tests or final examinations or make reports. However, we require attendance at class meetings. We award the grade of AU (Audit) to those meeting these requirements. We assign the grade of NR (No Grade Reported) to those not meeting the attendance requirement.

If you are not a regularly enrolled student, you will register on the last day of the final registration period. AUM charges a fee for auditing a course. Members of the faculty and staff may audit lecture courses without payment of the auditing fee with approval of the head of the department in which the course is offered and the dean; however, the regular registration process must be completed.

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