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Alabama Transfers (formerly called STARS) Area V

Transferring Credits from Other Institutions

To assist students in the transfer process, AUM has developed the following pages that supplement the Alabama Transfer’s Articulation and General Studies Committee (AGSC) approved Transfer Guides found on the statewide transfer and articulation reporting website (Alabama Transfers). The Alabama Transfers website provides academic pathways that outline courses and credit values for transfers between undergraduate programs. Students who have or plan to transfer to AUM should understand how their existing credits from other institutions will transfer to AUM and satisfy our program requirements. This information is also helpful to students who are considering taking courses at other institutions during the summer semester.

Transfer Credits

Area V Menu: Major Requirements

AUM undergraduate majors that have specific degree and program requirements (Area V requirements) are listed below:

Note: The Area V document shows the total amount of courses required by the AGSC and AUM department for each major. However, each link only details the titles of the additional AUM Area V course requirements for transfers. The object is to utilize this supplemental document in addition to the courses listed on the STARS website.

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