The Cafe’

The Cafe’ at AUM offer delicious specials and quick options for students, faculty, and staff on the fly.  Whether you grab some shade in the quad and enjoy a picnic, find a nice place to hunker down to study on the first floor of the library, or relax in the lobby of your choice, the cafe’ welcomes you to enjoy a delicious meal before, between, or after classes.

The Cafe’ will reopen June 2 and welcome students to gather in the dining room. A variety of savory and sweet options are always available from The Cafe’s menu whether a fresh salad or sandwich, a nutritious hot meal, pizza, chicken fingers, or your favorite snack.  We look forward to having a vibrant, student-filled dining experience.

Checkout the specials on the campus monitors and this page for daily specials!



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Cafe’ Telephone:  334-394-5511

Hours of Operations

The Cafe'

Closed until June 1

Re-Opening June 2 at 8:30 AM

AUM Bookstore Deli

Check out the delicious deli options of fresh salads, sandwiches, fruits, and snacks!

Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM

The AUM Bookstore will no longer accept cash as a payment option beginning June 1.

Apple and Google Pay are now accepted in the AUM Bookstore.

The AUMazing Bean

Summer Hours

Monday – Friday 9 AM – 1 PM

Student Meal Plans

All meal plans are convenient and easy. We will automatically bill you for the plan you choose, We will load the money onto your Warhawk Card (student ID) and you can use the card like a debit card in the Taylor Center Dining Hall, vending machines across campus, Books and Beans, the Bookstore Deli, the Warhawk Fitness Shop, and all Athletic concession stands. All meal plans and additional Warhawk Bucks can be purchased at the AUM Bookstore located in Taylor Center or by calling (334) 244-3578. Any unused balances will not carry over at the end of the academic year (Summer Term).

AUMazing Plan

$1,250 Warhawk Bucks* per semester for only $1,025!

Curtiss Plan

$1,000 Warhawk Bucks* per semester for only $850!

Warhawk Plan

$850 Warhawk Bucks* per semester for only $750!

Basic Plan

Residents Required Meal Plan: $600 Warhawk Bucks* per semester 

Note: Residents may opt to use any of the above meal plans instead. The Basic Plan represents the minimum plan that a resident student can choose.

Non-Resident Meal Plan

Commuters Required Meal Plan: $100 Warhawk Bucks* per semester

The plan is convenient and easy. We will automatically bill you for the plan, $100 Warhawk Bucks* per semester for full-time (12-hours or more) students.

*Warhawk Bucks are added to your Warhawk ID card and are used like a debit card at all on-campus dining options, at the coffee shop, and can even be used with the vending machines!

Note: Non-Residents may opt to use any of the other meal plans instead, this just represents the minimum plan a non-resident can choose.

Meal Plan Exemptions

Ordinarily, we will only exempt you from the required participation dining plan due to: 

  • Medical exemption: If you have a medical condition requiring a diet that cannot be met by The Roost, you may be exempt upon receiving our approval. Please complete the Dining Plan Exemption Application then mail or fax to the Campus Services office. Please include a letter concisely and fully describing your dietary circumstances along with supporting documentation from a licensed medical physician. The physician must be an impartial individual who is not a family member. Students and physicians should avoid making requests for exemption based on conscious choice or medically unsubstantiated beliefs. Vegetarianism is not normally considered a valid reason for dining plan exemption. 
  • Religious exemption: If your religious beliefs impose dietary restrictions that cannot be met by The Roost, you may be exempted upon approval from the Senior Director of Campus Services. Please complete the Dining Plan Exemption Application then mail or fax to the Campus Services office. Please include a detailed written explanation from your religious counsel.

Financial need is not an allowable reason for exemption from any of the AUM Meal Plan.

We must receive applications for exemption by August 31 for Fall semester and by December 15 for Spring semester. If you receive an exemption during a semester, you must reapply for exemptions each semester. Exemptions will not automatically renew each semester. You will be notified of approval or denial via email within two weeks of application. All decisions are at the discretion of the Senior Director of Campus Services and are final.

Save the Turtles

Did you know that 19 million pounds of plastic wind up in the ocean each year? AUM Dining is doing our part by encouraging our students to leave their straw behind in all our retail locations!

Fighting Climate Change

To help reduce our carbon footprint we partner with FiltaFry to collect our used fryer oil and recycle it into biodiesel. Additionally, we recycle all of our cardboard.

Stop Food Waste Day

AUM Dining is driving change from the inside out. Stopping food waste starts with us! We are committed to raising awareness, and prompting solutions that positively impact the areas we operate. Join us in April to celebrate our national holiday Stop Food Waste Day!

Sustainability matters

We’re committed to local produce, eco/fair trade coffee, reduced antibiotic chicken and turkey, cage-free eggs, rGBH-free milk and yogurt and sustainable seafood in partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Local Partners

We partner with many local farms for produce, meats, spices and more! Check them out:

Barber’s Dairy – Birmingham, AL
Southern Valley Farms – Norman Park, GA
Baker Farms – Norman Park, GA
Lipman Produce – Quincy, FL

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7400 East Drive Montgomery, AL 36117

Office Hours

8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday

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