Instructional Support Lab

Instructional Support Lab


Our Greatest Resource. Outstanding tutors work with you to create a unique and dynamic learning environment.

Current and Available. We keep the most recent editions of the textbooks and solution manuals used by AUM’s math and science faculty, as well as retired tests in several subjects.

We’ve Got Guts. Anatomy: From single cells to full torsos, the ISL has a generous collection of A&P models. Our oversized table spread with an array of arms, legs, skulls, eyes, and ears accommodates groups working together. Chemistry: Boxes and boxes of elements and bonds for you to create 3-D structures of the molecules you love to learn.


BE PROACTIVE: The ISL has a staff of dedicated tutors, 24-feet of white board, current textbooks, solution manuals, retired tests, A&P models, atomic models, Windows and Linux Operating Systems, a printer and a photocopier… and it’s all here to help you be successful in your classes.

BE FLEXIBLE: Tutors may shift between students and small groups in order to give help to as many students as possible.

BE RESPECTFUL: Be aware of the learning experience of those around you. Keep your language clean and eat meals elsewhere.

BE REALISTIC: We will partner with you if you put forth reasonable effort, but we will not enable academic irresponsibility.

SIGN UP: If you are assigned to the ISL to fulfill their 0700 tutoring requirement, you must be enrolled in an ISL Supplemental Class to receive credit.

DON’T MISS: Your attendance is mandatory and 10% is deducted from your ISL Supplemental Class grade for each unexcused absence.

Instructional Support Lab

Walk-ins Welcome | Free Tutoring

Please come into the ISL and look at the schedule wall on the right for information about various courses and tutor schedules.

Location: Rm 202 Goodwyn Hall
Hours of Operation:Monday – Thursday 9 am – 9 pm
Email: ccash@aum.edu

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