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Art History Minor

Program Description

A broad minor focusing on art history.

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Department of Fine Arts
Dr. Mark Benson
Auburn University at Montgomery

Program Overview

The course listings below are a representation of what this minor requires. Students may have to take additional courses to fulfill the pre-requisites of the required courses.

Course # Course Name
VISU 2030 Art History I
VISU 2040 Art History II
VISU 3010 Survey of Non-Western Art
VISU 3020 The Renaissance in Italy
VISU 3030 History of 17th & 18th Century Art
VISU 3040 History of 19th Century ARt
VISU 3050 American Art
VISU 3060 Art since 1945
VISU 3070 Women in the History of Art
VISU 3080 History of Graphic Design
VISU 3090 Medieval Art
VISU 3600 Theory and Method of Museum Studies
VISU 3610 Egyptian Art
VISU 3960 Reading in Art History
VISU 4100 The Artist in Film & Fiction
VISU 4200 Contemporary Art Practice
VISU 4972 Special Topics in Visual Arts