Strategic Communications and Marketing

The Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing coordinates all communication efforts, both internal and external, for the university. Our services include promoting events on campus, disseminating campus news, leading all marketing efforts for the university and its departments, producing graphic materials, and managing the collective website management for the university. As part of those responsibilities, Strategic Communications and Marketing is also responsible for producing and maintaining the style standards set forth in the university Style Guide, and upholds policies that deal with social media, the university website, as well as crisis communication and management.

In addition, the Strategic Communications and Marketing office is also the coordinating office for the university stationery and business cards, which can be ordered through an online system available to university employees.

Information and Forms

Publicity Requests
All requests for both internal and external publicity must be submitted through the Publicity Request Form. For login information, email James Armstrong or call 334-244-3816.

Business Cards and Stationery
All business cards and stationery should be ordered through the Davis Direct portal. Use the ordering instructions to guide you through the process and contact James Armstrong if you have any questions.

Photography Services
Photographic Services Job Request Form
Photographic Services Procedures & Practices
Photo Release Form

Website Management
For website guidance from a marketing perspective email Layne Holley or call 334-244-3642.
For assistance with Drupal or any technical issue with the website please email Josh Coats or call 334-244-3809.

Graphic Design Services
Request Graphic Design Services
For login information, email James Armstrong or call 334-244-3816.

Pre Approval Form
All printed items paid for with university funds or that include an AUM logo or wordmark must receive a signed pre-approval form.  Submit Pre-Order Approval forms via email to James Armstrong.

Pre Approval Form - Updated Mar 2018 (Required for all Printing Jobs)

Other Resources

Style Guide

InMotion Training Guide

AUM Logo Download Portal Instructions


Design/Printing Request Guidelines

Please help the Strategic Communications and Marketing staff by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • More notice is better, but unless a project is particularly large or demanding, completing a request form at least 15 working days in advance of the day you need the final product will be sufficient for Communications and Marketing to design the item for you and have it printed, etc.  If Communications and Marketing is experiencing a particular backlog at the moment, they will pay to have an outside agency complete the design work. If you know that the design work will be used on something that must be printed through an outside vendor, allow extra time for the printing process (i.e., give Communications and Marketing 15 working days for the design work before you send out the product for printing).
  • If the quantity or expense of the final product will require that it goes out for bid, Communications and Marketing requires at least 90 days notice.
  • If you submit a request for design work 10 – 14 working days out, unless the Communications and Marketing design team happens to have extra time to complete the work, they will need to submit the work to an outside agency at the requesting department’s expense.
  • If you submit a request for design work with notice of less than 10 working days, unless the Communications and Marketing team just happens to have nothing on the schedule, the work cannot be completed. It is unlikely an outside vendor will agree to do the work without charging exorbitant fees for the special request. If you find someone else to complete the work (e.g., student, outside agency), you’ll need to remember that the Communications and Marketing design team must still sign off on the final work to approve payment for the services.

In order to process all requests received from individuals at AUM in the order they are received and give projects the proper attention to achieve the best results and ensure there are no errors, the Communications and Marketing design team needs these guidelines to be followed.

If you have an emergency or extenuating circumstances and need to submit a request to Communications and Marketing, please contact Layne Holley.  We look forward to working with you.