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Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research oversees the collection, analysis, and reporting of university-wide data. Reports completed and maintained by this branch include the following: IPEDS, ACHE, EBO Smart Planning, CUPA, Knight Settlement Report, Delaware Study, etc. Records regarding student enrollment (by ethnicity, level, etc.), credit hour production, and degrees awarded are also provided by this branch of OIE.


Goals of the IR branch are as follows:

  1. Promote the use of research-based planning, evaluation, and improvement processes throughout the university
  2. Attempt to anticipate the information and analysis needs of those whom we serve
  3. Use the website to communicate commonly requested information and to highlight materials that may be broadly useful for planning, evaluation, and decision making
  4. Maintain information systems needed to support accurate, timely, and flexible analysis of information that may cross administrative areas; if appropriate, develop such systems internally 
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If you need additional data not found on the OIE website, please complete the  Faculty and Staff Data Request Form.