Tuition & Fees

2017-2018 Tuition and Fees


Basic Semester Charges1


Student Tuition and Audit Fees2


Undergraduate Resident

$305 per credit hour

Undergraduate Nonresident

$685 per credit hour

Undergraduate International

$685 per credit hour

Graduate Resident

$385 per credit hour

Graduate Nonresident

$866 per credit hour

Graduate International

$866 per credit hour

Online Programs See AUM Online



Required Fees (All students, including auditors)

Administrative Service Fee3

$35 per term

Student Activity Fee3

$170 per term

Student Health Fee3

$25 per term

Technology Fee

$10 per credit hour

First-Time Student Orientation Fee

$125 one time fee 


Other Fees 


Biology Fees

$8 per credit hour 

Clinical Laboratory Fees

$8 per credit hour 

Fine Arts Fees

$3-8 per credit hour 

Physical Science/Chemistry Fees

$8 per credit hour 

Speech & Hearing Fees

$8 per credit hour

Hybrid Course Fee $20 per credit hour
Online Course Fee $40 per credit hour

University Affiliation Fee4


Late Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)5



Graduation Fee






Graduation fees include cap and gown. Fee is transferred to any subsequent semester if student fails to qualify for graduation.

Meal Plans6  
On-Campus Residents $600
Off-Campus Residents $100
International Health Insurance Estimate  
Fall 2017 $732
Spring 2018 $655
Summer 2018 $509
New Student Setup Fee $47

1 Effective Fall 2017.

2 Persons desiring to attend courses or lectures without examination or credit may register to audit a course. The cost of auditing a course is one credit hour plus fees, regardless of the number of credit hours for that course. 

3 Fee is nonrefundable after fifth class day of the term. 

University Affiliation Fee includes Clearing for Graduation, Comprehensive Examinations and Resolving Incomplete Grades when not enrolled.

5 Begins on the first day of classes.

6 Required for all full time undergraduate students. 


Estimated Cost of Attendance

The estimated cost of attendance is the average cost to attend a college or university for the fall and spring semesters of one academic year.  It includes tuition, fees, and an estimate of average costs for books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and personal expenses.




Alabama Resident

Non- Alabama Resident





$  8,650


Room & Board

$  10,107

$  10,107

Miscellaneous Expenses (Books & Supplies, Transportation, Personal, Loan Fees)

$  4,910

$  5,180




*Average cost of tuition and fees based on enrollment for 13 credit hours for undergraduate students per semester.




Alabama Resident

Non- Alabama Resident





$  7,570


Room & Board



Miscellaneous /Personal Expenses/Est. Loan Fees

$  5,009

$  5,279




*Average cost of tuition and fees based on enrollment for 9 credit hours for graduates per semester.