As a student, you'll have an academic advisor before you register for courses; in fact, we require it. You are responsible for meeting with your assigned academic advisor prior to course registration for guidance in selecting courses that comply with your specific program/major requirements. Once your advisor gives signed approval for courses, you can obtain a personal identification number (PINs) that allows registration on AUM's online registration system.

Students at AUM are broken into three groups for academic advising:

Bridge Program Student Advising

If you have been admitted to the Bridge program at AUM, you are advised by a member of the Bridge program staff. 

Undeclared Major Advising

If you have been fully admitted to AUM, but have not declared a major of study, you are advised by the Undeclared Advisor in the Warhawk Academic Success Center.

Declared Major Advising

If you are fully admitted to AUM and have declared a major, you are advised in the School or department in which the major falls. 

College of Business Advising

College of Education Advising

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Advising

College of Nursing & Health Sciences Advising

College of Sciences Advising

Pre-professional Program Advising

If you are interested in preparing for professional fields such as medicine, pharmacy, or law, you are expected to declare a separate major while at AUM. Pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, pre-physical therapy, pre-law etc., are not technically majors; rather, they are pre-professional curricula. If you complete a pre-professional curricula, you will be required to declare a separate major such as Biology, Chemistry, Political Science, etc. If you're preparing for a professional career, you will receive advising specifically for your pre-professional curriculum as well as your major degree to insure that you meet the requirements associated with your AUM degree plan as well as admissions criteria for your graduate or continued professional studies.