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Writing consultants are undergraduate students, graduate students, and professional tutors. They tutor writing in every subject, including WI courses. Their philosophy: All of us become better writers through discussing our work with other good writers.


Math consultants are undergraduate or professional tutors. Standing appointments ensure students one-on-one sessions up to twice per week. Our tutors are trained to create a judgment-free zone in the LC.

ESL: English as a Second Language

Several writing consultants specialize in working with non-native speakers of English who are enrolled at AUM. In addition, if you are enrolled in the English as a Second Language program in Continuing Education, you are eligible to enroll (for a small fee) in sessions focusing on conversational skills.



Our Greatest Resource. Our Learning Center consultants are highly qualified people in their fields who receive training in techniques to enhance learning. They include:

  • undergraduate students who have demonstrated their expertise in either math, business, or writing
  • part-time instructors at AUM
  • graduate students
  • professional tutors with graduate degrees in their fields


Current and Available Services:

  • Compass Math Placement test prep guide
  • Cambridge Prep for the TOEFL Test
  • MLA, APA, Turabian, AP handbooks
  • Textbooks, solutions manuals, some math faculty course notes
  • Study tables with two, large rolling whiteboards for independent small group study sessions


We're Wired. For some sources of self-help, click on link below for a wide variety of helpful guides, instructional materials, and printable handouts:

Learning Center Multi-Media

The Learning Center provides online writing tutoring for students enrolled in online or hybrid courses at AUM. Procedures for making appointments are included in a PowerPoint which can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Online Writing Tutoring Procedures