Why teach UNIV1000

Why teach UNIV1000

The faculty, staff and administrators who teach UNIV 1000 are committed to your overall success. Instructors foster an environment which supports your successful transition into AUM. By focusing on academic and personal support, UNIV instructors are able to create an environment geared towards lifelong learning.

Benefits of teaching UNIV1000:

  • The course plays an integral role in the overall success rates of our students.
  • Instructors enjoy teaching the course and have fun interacting with first-year students, the heart of AUM.
  • The course provides instructors the opportunity to connect with campus.
  • The ability to provide the student population with the tools for success.

Professional Development Opportunities

UNIV1000 Instructors engage in recurring professional development opportunities throughout the year.

  • All new UNIV1000 Instructors are expected to complete a one-day professional development session, Blackboard training, and a half day (content-related) preparation session prior to teaching.
  • To maintain credentialing, UNIV1000 Instructors attend four content-related professional development sessions throughout the year (eight sessions are offered each calendar year).

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for becoming a UNIV 1000 instructor requires 18 graduate hours in the candidate’s degree field.

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