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What is the English Club?

by Amanda Collett

Dr. Joyce  Kelley, a English and Literature Professor at Auburn University Montgomery, is the faculty advisor for the English Club. Dr. Kelley agreed to an interview to give AUM students more knowledge about the English Club.

Q: What is the English Club?

A: It is a social club of English majors, minors, and creative writing students.

Q: What does the English Club do?

A: English Club sponsors the annual English and Philosophy picnic, a department picnic designed to let English students and faculty get to know each other.  Families are invited and we usually have it at Ida Belle Young Park in the fall.  English Club also hosts Poeticas at least twice a year.  These are open-mic events where students share their creative writing by reading it aloud.  Usually there is a Halloween Poetica and a spring Poetica.  Sometimes we attend local lectures, author talks, or plays related to English as a field of study.

Q: Is the club involved in charity work?

A: Sometimes we read to children at the Public Library.

Q: What are the membership requirements for the English Club? Is it just for English majors?

A: It’s primarily for English majors and minors and creative writing students, but anyone can come to Poetica events.

Q: What are some skills and experiences members could gain to help them with future careers?

A: Poeticas might help students learn to overcome a fear of public speaking or of sharing creative ideas in front of others.  But the club in general is not designed to help build skills but to have opportunities to get to know one another and the literary community.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: E-mail me at [email protected] and I can put you on our list or add you to our Facebook page. 

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