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What is Sigma Tau Delta?

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by Kayla Stribling
What is Sigma Tau Delta and what does it offer students?


According to Dr. Michel Aaij, Associate Professor of English and AUM Sigma Tau Delta sponsor, “Sigma Tau Delta is an English Honors Society, of which creates a social group of people who love language and literature.”

Sigma Tau Delta (STD) is the International English Honors society, with a chapter currently active here at Auburn University at Montgomery. Not only does the society facilitate recognition in accomplishments in English, students can also apply for a variety of scholarships, submit their work for publication in The Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle and The Sigma Tau Delta Review, and also apply for internships.

As members, students also have the ability to attend the annual Sigma Tau Delta International Convention, where they can meet their fellow peers and listen to presentations, which are often given by famous authors. Notable speakers of past conventions include Neil Gaiman, Alison Bechdel, and Mary Norris. Students are also able to give their own presentations and attend others on things like student leadership and chapter activities.

What does Sigma Tau Delta do at AUM and Internationally?
Sigma Tau Delta does not often hold events around campus, but the main event for the Auburn University at Montgomery chapter is when the annual international convention rolls around. The 2020 International Convention will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and all members are encouraged to submit work to be reviewed and presented at the event. There are over 900 active chapters in the United States, so regardless of location or interest, attending the annual convention is bound to offer students an opportunity for networking and meeting new people. Dr. Aaij said the convention gives students a chance to visit places they have never seen before.

How to get involved with Sigma Tau Delta at AUM
To join Sigma Tau Delta at Auburn University at Montgomery, Dr. Aaij said candidates must have completed at least six credits of English courses beyond the freshman composition classes. Students can be of any major, save for the English course requirement. There is a one-time initiation fee of $60, $40 of which goes to the international organization fees.

Dr. Aaij noted that the most rewarding part of being involved with Sigma Tau Delta at Auburn University at Montgomery was to, “see students present their work and get recognized for it.”

However, he did mention that there is always a need for new members to join, so to not be afraid of doing so, and to those who are already members, also do not be afraid of submitting your work, especially to the annual international convention.

How to learn more
To learn more about STD, contact AUM Sigma Tau Delta Sponsor Dr. Michel Aaij at [email protected] or visit the official Sigma Tau Delta website:

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