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What is Filibuster?

by Kendal A. Walker

What is Filibuster?

Filibuster 2018
Filibuster 2018

Filibuster is a student-run and student-created literary magazine geared toward the student body and the faculty at AUM.

Authors and artists can publish poetry, art, plays, novels, essays, short stories, interviews, etc., in Filibuster. Copies (of current and past issues) are available online in PDF on the AUM website. Students can also visit Dr. Robert Klevay in Room 218 of the Liberal Arts building to get a paper copy if one is available.

Who can participate?

Any student (as well as faculty) can publish in Filibuster. There is no classification requirement as to who can submit their work to the magazine. According to Dr. Robert Klevay, Filibuster faculty advisor, although faculty can participate, there is more student participation.

How many works can students submit, and how long should they be?

Students can submit as many works of literature or of art as they can (all or some of those may or may not be published). The magazine’s staff tries to maintain a certain theme for every issue. Literary works should be less than or equal to 4000 words.

What are some challenges that are sometimes faced with Filibuster?

Klevay said that people occasionally plagiarize or produce libel (written slander of persons) in their submissions. He also claims that some submissions reveal nonfictional criminal behavior, and other submissions could possibly put AUM in a bad light. He said he has to consider how certain subjects may affect certain people.

How can Filibuster change a person’s life?

Klevay says that the authors featured in the publication often become known outside of AUM and are occasionally offered academic scholarships and opportunities in their prospective career fields.

What are some perks of Filibuster?

Klevay said he enjoys working with the Filibuster staff, facilitating teamwork and choosing and reviewing new content (sometimes each issue has a separate theme) every year.

How can students get involved?

Those interested in being published in Filibuster should send their submissions for consideration to [email protected]. Those interested in working for Filibuster can apply for positions on staff. For example, as of this interview, there are openings for an editor-in-chief and a graphic designer. Those with experience or interest in managing publications or graphic design should contact Dr. Klevay at [email protected] for more information. Positions are always opening, so it is always worth checking to see what positions are available.






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