Traditional Master’s, Collaborative Teacher (6-12)

Traditional Master’s, Collaborative Teacher (6-12)

Program Description

Collaborative teaching, sometimes called cooperative teaching or team teaching, involves educators working in tandem to lead, instruct and mentor groups of students. The Special Education department within the AUM College of Education offers a Collaborative Teacher master’s degree program for grades 6-12.

Courses enhanced with technology focus on the latest evidence-based teaching and learning strategies as well as assist the candidate in developing his/her professional identity and professional practice. An internship is required. 

Career options or settings include:

  • Classroom teacher
  • Homebound instructor
  • Director of special education
  • Special education supervisor or administrator
  • Day care provider in facility or home
  • Preschool teacher
  • In-home interventionist
  • Hospitals/rehabilitation facilities
  • Institutions/group homes
  • Tutor
  • Special education lobbyist
  • Centers/special facilities
  • Parent program consultant
  • Textbook/school supplies consultant
  • Researcher with assistive technology
  • University professor
  • Various local, state and federal departments

Through coursework, internships and laboratory experiences, AUM College of Education will help guide you to become a successful, competent, committed, reflective special educator. 

Traditional Master’s Plan of Study

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