Severe Weather Safe Areas

Severe Weather Safe Areas

In the case of a tornado or other severe weather, here are places on campus where you can shelter safely.

  • First Floor Restrooms
  • Interior Rooms in Suite 114 (Sponsored Programs)
  • Interior Rooms in Suite 137 (Chancellor’s Office)
  • Interior Rooms Suite 109
  • Interior Rooms 107
  • Interior Rooms 103
  • First Floor Loading Dock Holding Area
  • Stairwells at the lowest levels
  • Basement Hallway closest to the elevator
  • Rooms 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 116 (windowless)
  • Basement Hallway in Life Sciences Annex
  • Room 112
  • First Floor Restrooms
  • First Floor Hallway (adjacent to the Early Childhood Center)
  • First Floor Stairwell​
  • Auditorium 106 – 107
  • Rooms 103, 105, 106
  • First Floor Restrooms
  • Hallway outside Suite 101
  • Hallway adjacent to Room 105
  • Restrooms on First Floor
  • Room 108 Classroom
  • Hallway adjacent to Room 108
  • Second floor Hallway
  • Training Room
  • Locker Rooms
  • First floor windowless hallways
  • Hallway (adjacent to Athletic Director Offices)
  • First Floor Restrooms

Main Building Interior Space (no temporary buildings)

  • First Floor (adjacent to Financial Aid)
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Bathroom and Mail Room Hallway
  • Mailbox Hallway
  • Housing Office
  • Mail Room
  • Student Affairs Hallway (Interior portion away from windows)
  • First Floor restrooms

Residents should seek shelter in the interior hallway or bathroom of their suite with the door closed.

Residents should go to their bathrooms of their apartment with the door closed or first floor apartment of your building.

Residents should seek shelter in the storm shelter located on the first floor of the building.

Residents should seek shelter in the bathroom of their apartment with the door closed or interior hallway near the bathroom vanity area.

  • First floor — Men’s and women’s locker rooms and four bathrooms behind front desk.
  • Second floor — Men’s and women’s locker rooms.

Do not seek shelter inside of any modular or temporary structure. Seek shelter in any adjacent permanent building.

Stairwells at their lowest levels, restrooms, and interior rooms without windows

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