Registration Cancellation

Registration Cancellation

Registration cancellation is a process by which the University cancels class schedules for students that fail to meet their financial obligations by the posted deadlines. The term due date is seven days prior to the class start date.  All charges become due and payable at that time.  Students will have a payment grace period until the registration cancellation deadline, which is the fifth calendar day of each academic term.


Students registered for the academic term will have their class schedules cancelled if their account balance or projected account balance, less all pending financial aid and/or scholarships, exceeds $3,000.  To avoid registration cancellation the student account can be:


  • Paid in full
  • Covered in full by financial aid or scholarships, or
  • Enrolled in a payment plan.

At a minimum the account balance or projected account balance must be below $3,000

Note:  Awarded financial aid may be used to avoid a student’s schedule being cancelled.  However, the student remains responsible for the outstanding balance in the event all necessary financial aid steps are not completed or there is a change in amount of financial aid awarded.


Students whose schedules are cancelled may re-register for classes once the payment requirement is satisfied. Written permission from the instructor and department may be required.

Returned Checks

AUM will accept checks for fees and charges subject to final payment. If the bank on which the check is drawn returns the check unpaid, you will be assessed a handling charge. AUM has the right, but not the obligation, to redeposit any returned check without notice to the student and maker.

  • Costs necessary for the collection of any debt to the university will be charged to and paid by the debtor.
  • Stop payment and account-closed checks will be processed as returned items and will be subject to the same fees and collection costs.

Placing a stop payment on a check does not constitute withdrawal from courses.

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