High schoolers learn about health careers at AUM

Niki Parrish, AUM Strategic Marketing and Communications | July 31, 2017

Alabama high school students recently visited several labs and hands-on classrooms at Auburn University at Montgomery’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences to learn about career options as health professionals.

The students were taking part in Discovery MedCamp, a multiday residential camp sponsored by Southeast Alabama AHEC. Juniors and seniors from 16 high schools in Autauga, Coffee, Dale,

Juniors and seniors from 16 Alabama high schools
visited the College of Nursing and Health Sciences
during Discovery MedCamp.

Elmore, Houston, Henry, Lee, Lowndes and Montgomery counties took part.

The students spent half a day at AUM, where they engaged in hands-on learning with faculty in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Students visited the college’s Department of Communication Disorders and learned about hearing and speech issues. They engaged in video otoscopy — visual inspection of the ear canal and eardrum — and tympanometry, where they could measure the movement of the eardrum and bones of the middle ear in response to pressure changes.

In addition, students visited three Medical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences labs: clinical chemistry, hematology and microbiology. Students worked with samples to determine their concentrations and used microscopes to view normal blood cells compared to sickle cells as well as infectious mononucleosis, acute lymphocytic leukemia cells and parasites. They also differentiated between microorganisms through the use of gram stains.

In the nursing skills laboratory, students learned basic assessment skills on high fidelity manikins, and each student learned how to insert an intravenous line in a patient using the manikins.

Students thoroughly enjoyed their learning experiences at AUM, and many felt that this experience helped them identify their career path in healthcare and learn about the exciting options at AUM.


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