Molecular Biology

Challenge to Change the World

Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Biology

Winning a Nobel Prize may or may not be on your bucket list, but as a scientist trained in molecular biology, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make an impact of society. You’ll be in the company of men and women recognized internationally for making significant discoveries.

AUM undergraduates from this discipline are doing fascinating work, such as:

  • Getting a master’s in Medical Microbiology at Creighton University
  • Earning a Ph.D./M.D at the University of Nebraska on a full scholarship
  • Running the Flow Cytometry Lab at Kansas State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Teaching biochemistry at a major university

Molecular biology is the branch of biology concerned with the biological activity in and between cells. This discipline plays an important role in understanding various parts of cells which can be used to efficiently target new drugs, diagnose disease, and much more.

After graduate studies, research and experience, you might develop in your career as a geneticist, biochemist or biophysicist. Nobel Prize-winning biophysicist Francis Crick and geneticist James Watson are known for their groundbreaking work to determine the structure of the DNA—a discovery that revolutionized our ability to determine an individual’s genetic susceptibility to specific diseases and diagnose genetic disorders.

With your passion and the right foundational education, what kind of impact could you make?

The Molecular Biology concentration is designed primarily for students who have a desire to continue their education in the biological sciences, including cellular and molecular biology, immunology, pharmacology and genetics. Some use it as a springboard to a health-related professional school. Others graduate from this program ready to seek entry-level positions in biological research and technology laboratories.

The Know How

What you will know with a Molecular Biology degree from AUM


Know how to work with a mentor and get adjusted to being a biology student who’s always on the lookout for future employment opportunities.


Know how to conduct and document research by working with a faculty member. Or build your network traveling to professional conferences.


Know how to be hands-on by conducting research funded by the National Science Foundation or the U.S. Department of Energy.


We know how life works: money seems to always be in short supply. You might qualify for one of our scholarships specifically for Biology majors.


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Molecular Biology




Why AUM for
Molecular Biology?

Explore your options with a degree in Molecular Biology.

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Is a Degree in Molecular Biology right for me?

What types of jobs can I get with a Molecular Biology degree?

While this degree option is designed mainly for students who desire to continue their education through graduate school, other students go directly to the workplace in lab settings in the private, nonprofit and government sectors. Check out our Career Discovery Board, below, on this page.

Do I need a heavy background in science or math?

It helps to have a solid background in high school science and math, but don’t worry. AUM has free tutoring and our professors are known to spend extra time on any student who needs it!

Will AUM help me get into a master’s degree program?

Students in the Molecular Biology program work with an advisor who will help you choose the right undergraduate classes and help you prepare for grad school applications.

How much money can I make with this degree?

There are several factors, even for those who go on to earn a master’s or doctoral degree: work experience, the subspecialty you choose, and personal initiative. See sample salaries on this page, under Rewarding Occupations and Job Growth.


Career Discovery Board

What top-flight career will you choose?

Rewarding Occupations and Job Growth

With this bachelor’s degree as your educational foundation, you have many career possibilities.
Note: Salaries vary depending on several factors including your level of experience, education, training, demographics, and industry. Here is a sampling of the future job growth and salaries according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Career/Job TitleEntry-level Education RequirementsJob Growth 2020-2030Annual Median Salary
Genetic CounselorMaster's degree26% (Much faster than average)$85,700
MicrobiologistBachelor's degree5% (Slower than average)$84,400
BiochemistMaster's degree (Ph.D. preferred)5% (Slower than average)$94,270
Biology TechnicianBachelor's degree7% (As fast as average)$46,340
Medical ScientistDoctoral or professional degree17% (Much faster than average)$91,510
Physician’s AssistantMaster's degree31% (Much faster than average)$115,390

Quick Facts

At AUM’s College of Sciences, you will have hands-on learning experiences, working side by side with scholars and researchers using state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment. 

Our academic departments include Biology and Environmental Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Psychology. To help you pay for college, you might qualify for one of our scholarships.

Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Biology


This degree requires students to meet on campus. Students in these courses enroll in a program to connect in a campus setting and to collaborate using a variety of technological and educational tools. Professors play an inspirational role in building relationships among teams and individuals in this setting. The criteria for many programs can only be met with In-Class coursework. Be sure to check with your advisor to understand the best route to take.

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Molecular Biology
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Required Courses

You will need to complete courses in the university core, biology, related science areas, and electives. Contact the Biology and Environmental Sciences Department for a current listing of courses required to complete the General Biology concentration.

The course listings below are only a few of the classes this concentration requires. For a full review of this program in detail, please see our official online catalog AND consult with an academic advisor.

Course NumberCourse NameWhat you will know…
BIOL 4070/4071ImmunologyAll about the human immune system: genetic control of the immune response, immunopathology, and more.
BIOL 4350/4351Cell BiologyA study of cell structure and function.
BIOL 4600/4601Molecular GeneticsThe fundamentals of DNA, as well as applications of biotechnology in medicine, agriculture, and industry.
BIOL 3300/3301 GeneticsThe study of the basic principles related to gene inheritance in animals and plants.

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