MATH Boot Camp (aka Math Placement Program)

What is Math Boot Camp?

AUM Math Boot Camp (aka MATH placement program) is a non-credit, web-based math placement preparation program for undergraduate Warhawk students to improve their placement in their first AUM math course or placement into an advanced mathematics course. We encourage new incoming Warhawks to complete the boot camp before their scheduled Student Orientation. As a boot camp participant, we want to ensure you soar at AUM through the successful completion of your math courses!

What are the potential benefits of taking the Math Boot Camp?

Save Money

Taking fewer courses costs less money

*Students can save roughly $1372 if they can test out of just 1 math course.

**Students can save roughly $2744 if they test out of 2 math courses (when compared to taking MATH 0703 and MATH 0803).

Save Time

The fewer classes that students must take, the more time they have for other interests

Since each of the above courses requires 5 hours of class time each week, placing out of just 1 math course will free up 90+ hours plus study and transit time over the course of a semester.
*The fewer classes students take, the sooner they may graduate!

No bottlenecking

Math pre-requisites can delay graduation dates

Several programs require math pre-requisites (e.g. Pre-calculus) to enter higher-level courses. Students who can complete these math pre-requisites early in their program will be able to take the courses they need when they need them.

Who is eligible to take a Math Boot Camp?

1) Students who have not yet participated in the program

2) Students whose ALEKS accounts are still valid and have remaining attempts to take the placement test.

Note: Students are allotted 4 attempts to take a proctored placement test, and they have one year from when they register for an ALEKS PPL account to use those attempts.

How do I register for an AUM Math Boot Camp?

You will need the following items to register:
*AUM User ID and Password
*Computer with web browser (Google Chrome is recommended)
1. Click the following link:
2. After the MyAUM screen appears, log in using your AUM user ID and password
3. Review and Accept Terms of Use (this only appears with first login)
4. Take a short survey (only for the first time) and follow the prompt to complete registration
Note: This is how you will access your ALEKS PPL account in the future.
5. Begin working through the Aleks modules until your instructor contacts you and provide you with the camp syllabus

What score do I need to make on the ALEKS placement test to get into the course I want?

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ACT Minimum Math Subscore ALEKS Placement Test Scores                                                                                Courses
None 0-29 Math 0703 Elementary Algebra w/lab (non-credit math course)
MATH 0902 Combined Algebra# (non-credit math course)
18 30-40 MATH 0803 Intermediate Algebra w/lab (non-credit math course)
20 41-45 MATH 1020 Contemporary Math + Required MATH 1022 Corequisite Support Course

MATH 1050 College Algebra + Required MATH 1052 Corequisite Support Course

MATH 1100 Finite Mathematics + Required MATH 1102 Corequisite Support Course

MATH 2670 Elementary Statistics + Required MATH 2672 Corequisite Support Course

22 46-60 MATH 1020 Contemporary Math

MATH 1050 College Algebra

MATH 1100 Finite Mathematics

MATH 2670 Elementary Statistics

*Notice that students who score in this band do not have to take any corequisites with their math course.

22 61-65 MATH 1120 Precalculus Algebra
23 66-70 MATH 1150 Trigonometry

MATH 1150 Precalculus Algebra w/ Trigonometry

25 71-75 MATH 1510 Survey of Calculus
26 76-100 MATH 1610 Calculus 1

#MATH 0902 Combined Algebra is a self-paced, online course in which students can complete the equivalent of MATH 0703 and MATH 0803 in just one semester.

Which Math Boot Camps are still open for enrollment?

Fall 2020/Spring 2021   self-paced, online math modules

Other Notes

~The Math Boot Camp uses the AI-driven web-based software ALEKS PPL. The goal is to provide ample opportunities and guided assistance for students looking to improve their math placement and college math readiness.

~Only a proctored ALEKS Placement Test can be used for official math placement. You will need a webcam and picture ID (e.g. AUM ID or Driver’s License) to complete a proctored exam from home. Please make arrangements with your instructor to complete a proctored exam on campus if needed.

**Note Regarding Registering for your Math Class:

Once you have completed the program and earned the ALEKS placement score you are happy with, please contact your advisor for guidance. Once your new score is entered into our system, you will be able to register for the math class for which you are now eligible using the appropriate alternate PIN.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Berube in the Math Department at

Questions? For more information contact