Program Description

To meet the needs of today’s organizations — and ensure that its business school students graduate with a set of skills that will set them apart in the marketplace — the College of Business designed its Entrepreneurship program to challenge students in a new way and inspire creative thinking. Our faculty – many of them successful practitioners in their field – deliver hands-on instruction in small-class environments.

The BSBA in Entrepreneurships prepare graduates to:

  • Develop an effective, innovative business plan
  • Identify and acquire the resources needed for the creation and implementation of a new venture, including financial, human, and managerial resources
  • Understand risk and its effect on new ventures and analyze financial data to support business decisions and assessment of business strategies
  • Identify, analyze, and understand potential market behaviors that would enhance value creation and profitability
  • Lead the entrepreneurial process, from idea generation to the commercialization and implementation of the new business venture

Points of Pride

The AUM College of Business is the only business school in the Montgomery area to receive accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) for both its undergraduate and graduate business programs as well as the discipline-specific accreditation in accounting, putting our college in the ranks of the top business schools internationally.

Put Your Degree to Work

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship will be highly qualified to seek corporate jobs focused on new venture development. Additionally, they will be equipped to launch and manage their own business start-ups.

For More Information

Kevin Banning
Department Chair
Department of Business Administration
Auburn University at Montgomery
Clement Hall 303
[email protected]

Program Overview

The curriculum for this major is designed to provide students with opportunities for growth and development inside and outside the classroom, preparing them to identify and pursue their academic and career goals.

The course listings below are a representation of what this academic program requires. For a full review of this program in detail, please see our official online catalog AND consult with an academic advisor. This listing does not include the core curriculum courses required for all majors and may not include some program-specific information, such as admissions, retention and termination standards.
Course sampling specific to the Entrepreneurship major includes:

Course #Course Name
BUSN 3300New Venture Creation
HRSM 3150Human Resource Management
FINA 3500Entrepreneurial Finance
BUSN 4000Creativity and Innovation
MNGT 4010Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
MKTG4410Buyer Behavior
MKTG 4380Retailing
MNGT 4390Small Business
HRSM 4600Employee Recruitment, Selection and Appraisal
MKTG 4600Service Marketing

For more information about the AUM Entrepreneurship program, please contact the faculty and staff in the Department of Business Administration.

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