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Mabs Seay

Career Advisor
334-244-3533 [email protected] Taylor Center, 323B Career Development Center

As a Career Services and Higher Education Professional with over 8 years of experience, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of students and families. My experience both as a professor and an academic and career advisor has helped to solidify my knowledge base and awareness of how important early guidance can be in a person’s life.  I am very passionate about encouraging students to be advocates for their own education. I want to arm students with the knowledge and skill set to thrive in their vocational journey. My goal is to guide students to think outside of their degree box, helping them to utilize all of their talents and skills. Having early assessment and mentorship is something I feel extremely passionate about. Current students and Alumni of AUM are welcome to visit my office for major and career exploration, career planning, resume reviews, and more! Faculty, Staff, and Clubs and Organizations are also invited to request career workshops or presentations when interested.