AUM Day of Giving 2015

Auburn University at Montgomery will host #AUMDayOfGiving, a special 24-hour fundraising initiative, on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

#AUMDayOfGiving is part of Giving Tuesday, a national philanthropy movement held on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It began in 2012 as a counterpoint to the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On this day, AUM will highlight many projects and programs of AUM colleges and departments seeking private support.

#AUMDayOfGiving is a social media-based initiative, so support the movement at AUM by sharing #AUMDayOfGiving through your personal social media accounts.

And don’t forget to like and share with others so that we can share the news about all the amazing programs and projects happening on our campus!

Give safely online to any of these great AUM programs and projects!

College of Arts and Sciences

— General Gifts and Master of Teaching Writing The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to hands-on experience for students—because it changes their lives.  At most universities, only a select few students get to carry out research in the sciences.  We ensure these opportunities are open to all science students in good standing.  Doing that takes time and money, but the results are clearly worth it.

The Master of Teaching Writing is a new program geared to preparing lower-level college instructors to teach students how to write.  The program focuses like a laser on a national issue:  the ability to write.  Community colleges around the country are already asking for our graduates to teach their students.

Funds raised during the AUM Day of Giving will directly support students involved in these two endeavors within the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Give safely online to Arts and Sciences Unrestricted — 30549196 – 311.

AUM Athletics

The Warhawk Athletic Club is the fund raising arm for the Department of Athletics at Auburn University at Montgomery. Its goal is to enhance the academic and athletic experience by providing student-athlete scholarships, first class facilities and financial support for 11 varsity sport programs, our mascot, Curtiss and cheerleading. The support of friends and alumni is instrumental to continuing our athletic success – on and off the fields of play. The educational and athletic opportunities available for our student-athletes are enhanced by your contributions.

Safely give online to AUM Athletics — 30510199 – 301.

College of Business

The College of Business is focused on preparing diverse, ethical business leaders through engaged educations experiences. The College of Business aims to support its students in Study Abroad opportunities, as well as Book Scholarships. Funds raised during the AUM Day of Giving will directory support students in the College of Business in these two ways. We appreciate our community and their support! #aumbiz

Safely give online to AUM Business Gifts — 30520051 – 332.

College of Nursing and Health Sciences — Healthy Kids

AUM students in nursing, medical laboratory sciences and speech language pathology visit all Lowndes County schools but one and select Elmore County schools during the academic year to conduct routine health screenings on the school children ranging from dental, vision, speech, blood pressure, glucose and more.  The AUM health professional students screened 535 children in the spring semester 2015 and 42% of those were found to have a referable condition that required a follow-up appointment by the local school nurse.  Among the conditions identified by AUM students were hypertension, increased blood glucose levels, inadequate vision and hearing, obesity levels, and dental decay. By intervening early, healthy behaviors can be learned and the prevalence of adult health issues such as morbid obesity, glaucoma, diabetes, and gingivitis can be decreased.

Give safely online to Healthy Kids — 30559996 – 314.

Friends of the Library

We recently surveyed our students to ask what we could do to improve the AUM Library. One of the most common requests was for more soft seating, which perfectly coincides with our initiative to develop collaborative workspace with comfortable seating options. Our project seeks to raise money to purchase soft seating to increase the amount of comfortable study space available to our students.

Give safely online to AUM Library Gifts —30580205 – 331.

The Logan Project

At age 13, Logan suffered an anaphylactic reaction to the contrast dye in a routine MRI and his disabilities are the result of that event.  Against every prediction made by the medical team who treated Logan during his forty-five minutes without a heartbeat or breath tones, Logan survived and today he says, “God didn’t want me yet, and He used a prayer chain that reached around the world that day to bring me back to life.”  Logan is now a sophomore studying Psychology here at AUM.  It was from meeting Logan that this project was born. Logan has been the cornerstone of the development of the team’s methodology.

The Logan Project would like to accomplish two interrelated objectives: 1) to increase our engagement and support of K-12 and postsecondary students with disabilities who are at risk for not succeeding in mathematics and 2) to develop a software program that has a true Universal Design for Learning.  Such software would allow for students who are at risk for persisting and succeeding in mathematics due to disabilities to be taught inclusively in the general education classroom.

Logan’s input is essential to the creation of a product that will give equal access to math education into the hands of capable students everywhere who are currently waiting behind closed doors.

Safely give online to the Logan Project — 60001550 – 330.

Your gift will be greatly appreciated!

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