Grade Adjustments; Grade Forgiveness

Grade Adjustments; Grade Forgiveness

AUM has implemented the following grade adjustment policy for all currently enrolled, fully admitted undergraduate students. Undergraduate students may delete a maximum of three course grades of D or F (including FA or U) associated with their undergraduate degree program from the computation of their cumulative grade point average (This includes all undergraduate work at AUM).  Grades and credit considered as transfer credit at either Auburn campus, grades earned in a previously awarded baccalaureate degree or grades that have been assigned as a result of academic misconduct are excluded from this policy.

This policy does not offer exemption from academic requirements for AUM degrees; adjustment only applies to grades in individual courses.  All core and major requirements must be met for graduation.  Students should be aware that D or F/FA/U grades in required courses may be deleted from the computation of the cumulative grade point average prior to a repeat but must be repeated at AUM before graduation.  Where a specific course is required for the core or major, that course must be repeated to replace the deleted grade.  Courses covered by the policy and needed to meet core area requirements or elective courses within a major may, subject to the approval of the academic dean, be replaced by any course accepted for that requirement, where applicable.

All courses for which a grade is awarded will remain on the transcript.  Courses for which a grade has been deleted from the cumulative grade point average will have the grade recorded and a notation that the grade has been excluded from the earned hours and the cumulative grade point average.  Students may submit a written request for grade deletion to their academic dean’s office at any time prior to graduation.  Once a request for deletion of a grade has been granted and that grade has been removed from the calculation of the cumulative grade point average, the grade and credit cannot be restored.

Deletion of grade is only available to currently enrolled, regularly admitted undergraduate students and is not available to former students.  Students should follow AUM guidelines for the repeat courses in which grades of A, B, or C have been awarded.  However, all grades will be used for determining all academic honors.

All AUM transcripts will include two grade point averages: a semester grade point average and a cumulative grade point average.  The transcript will carry an appropriate notation that these grade point averages may not include grades for all courses attempted.  For further information on this policy please consult the dean of your school or college.

Note: Both the Grade Adjustment/Grade Forgiveness Policy and the Repeat to Replace Policy are available to students.

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